What Everyone Must Know About Job Hiring


Thanks to the ultimate power of the internet which has made everything possible by simply typing the words. Now it has become much easy to search available jobs and their hiring process. One can explore the job of their choice from the massive result found on the search engines. And still unlike newspapers, it the best way to know about the online job listings because it comes up with the background, details of the company, related images, and videos.

When the company is hiring a candidate, they need to ensure that they are hiring the right employees. There are several steps that are involved in a job hiring process. Reviewing of applications, selecting the right candidate for the interview, analyzing of the reference check and requesting of health checks etc. are performed in order to select the best possible candidate. The Human Resources Manager uses the following steps to determine the best employee for the organization.

Now let’s discuss the job hiring process:

Reviewing of job applications:

This process includes reviewing of applications that have been received to determine whether a candidate possesses the skills, educations, experience or other qualifications required for the job. If the criteria matches with the required job a candidate has applied for, then they shortlist the candidate for the interview.

Testing of candidates

It is next step while selecting a candidate and it generally involves testing the candidate for job skills or knowledge to determine whether the candidate is qualified for the position or not. It may include skills test, personality tests, physical test etc. The Human Resources Manager selects many candidates and sends them all for the testing round. As soon as the result of this round is declared, then the HR narrows down the selection process to the fewer candidates.

Interview of the candidates

Now the interview of the selected candidates is conducted. The interview is the meeting between the job seeker and employer to evaluate whether the candidate has right qualifications for the job or not. Although the testing provides the very same idea but interview make it clearer as it is a face-to-face round process. During the interview, one can be asked about their previous work experience, strengths, weaknesses, short term goals, long term goals etc. Try to answer all the questions that have been asked to you with a smile on your face and a strong eye contact with the interviewer.

Selecting a candidate

Those who pass the entire round will have to go through the reference check. Employee background with the previous company is generally checked to get the better picture of the candidate. Some of the useful checks include criminal record, drug screening, medical tests etc.

If the above all criteria match during job hiring , then the employer will usually contact you in between one day to one month after your final interview is done.

In a nutshell, if you are appearing for the interview, always be confident. Keep your answer short and up to the point. You can also take help from the job portals like Monster Philippines, a leading job portal in the Philippines which connect job seekers with relevant jobs as per their skills, qualifications etc.

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