Understanding The “Deep” & “Dark Web” For Effective Cyber Security Strategies


Cyber security has recently witnessed a set of well-publicised attacks on various organisations. The finest example is of “WannaCry” ransomware breaches that pose a significant threat at a corporate level, especially during peak times when financial companies are already faced with harsher penalties and strict regulations. Following these events, the issue of cyber threat and effective countermeasures has gained momentum with real-time implementation taking place.

While this is indeed good news, prioritisation is only part of the bigger picture. Understanding is significant which includes heeding the right advice and implementing the right defense strategies to combat the many threats faced by the cyber-world. A major component of all this involves knowledge of the deep and dark web so let’s review in detail!

Deep & dark web

Dark Web refers particularly to a collection of websites that exist only on an encrypted network that is usually hidden from the traditional search engines; accessible only using traditional browsers. Deep Web, on the contrary, refers to all the webpages inaccessible by the search engine. Both, the Deep and Dark Web is cloaked in the depths of the internet and literally sound like something right out of a scary thriller, however, as real as the world itself.

Much like the drug associations and human trafficking networks that thrive on fringes of the society, there endures an encrypted network which is used primarily for unacceptable activities and transactions that are accessible only through special servers used for the purpose. Let’s not get confused with the Deep Web which is a cluster of un-indexed databases.

Dark Web is the hub of just about every imaginable cyber security threats from mediocre cyber criminals to highly active terrorist organisations. According to the advocates and somewhat supporters of the Dark Web, it’s the only possible way in today’s digital realm to assure privacy and freedom of speech. But how understanding of both deep and dark web can help you empower cyber defense system? Find out below;

Allows sharing of best practices

Whenever and wherever people meet, they talk and the same goes for cyber-criminals. Although they like competing, they also share some of the best practices from which we can all learn to empower our cyber defence practices. This information-sharing is the reason why associations to the deep and dark web are often considered a potential threat to businesses.

There’s always a unified and certain agility to the cyber-criminal ecosystem and irrespective of their language, skills, location and affiliation, these groups tend to share a deep desire to harness the advantages of cross-community collaboration, sharing of the information and even apprenticeship.

A way to sell & monetise criminal advances

As we speak, the Deep and Dark Web is home to many illegal marketplaces that empower cyber-criminals to profit their misconducts. It’s often through the exchange of data for financial compensation such as Bitcoin but take many different forms. At its simplest, both the deep and dark web operates an underground economy for cyber-security criminals.

A network & communications gateway

The dark and deep web are set with illegal forums and marketplaces, serving as anonymous places in which cyber-criminals, terrorist organisations and other malicious players rally and collaborate. As many new mediums and marketplaces emerge, some may decay while other simply continues attracting new members with shrewd ideas.

Certain threats to the financial organisations

Both deep and dark web pose a myriad of threats to the financial institutions some of which includes; credit card fraud, corporate data theft, interior threat, emerging malware and con doings. Of all these, emerging malware is a prevalent threat and rather a specialty of the dark and deep web. Malware is malicious software designed to disrupt and damage data by gaining unauthorised access to a system.


Given above are a few reasons as to analysing deep and dark web operations thereby mounting an effective cyber-security defence and mitigate emerging malware as well as many other web-based threats.

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