Simple Tips to Organize your Self Storage Unit

So, you have rented a storage unit and have all that space for your belongings which you do not think belongs at home. You are excited that finally you can have space at your house and store away things you really do not use so often in the self-storage unit. Well, before you get too excited, let me bring you back to reality.  A storage unit is also like a huge closet where you store away your items. But if you dump it too much or do not organize it, you might end up having a messed-up space where it takes you hours to find something. Or, if you are not careful, your items may get damaged.

You can follow a few simple tips to organize your self-storage unit to protect your belongings and save yourself for the misery of rearranging it.

#Tip 1. Use Small or Medium SizedBoxes

Larger boxes might hold more items but lifting and moving them is quite difficult. Also, if you place heavy items inside the box, it may not be able to carry the load. It is always advisable to use medium or preferably small boxes which will be easy to move around.

#Tip 2. Label all the Boxes

I cannot emphasize on just how important this is. You might assume that you exactly remember where you have storedwhich item, but after 6 months you will be lost. You will have to reopen many boxes to find exactly the item you are looking for. It is better to label each and every box you store and be as detailed as you can, mentioning the contents.

#Tip 3. Wrap your Items

Every time you store away an item at the self-storage unit, make sure to wrap it in an industrial grade plastic wrap. This will save your items from collecting dust. Do not use newspaper as the ink of the paper might bleed and stain your items.

# Tip 4. Use Wooden or Plastic Palettes

Now, this is in general not needed when you store away your items in reliable self-storage units like storage units Buffalo, as they are quite safe to store away your belongings but it is still a good practice to use wooden or plastic palettes so that you can keep your belongings off the floor.

#Tip 5. Arrange the Items based on Accessibility Requirement.

It is a good practice to plan beforehand and segregate the items you need to access more often separately. Store them together and place them near the entrance of the storage unit for ease to access.

#Tip 6. Create a Master List of all Items Stored

This might seem like an extreme step and too much of work but trust me this is quite important. After a year you might start forgetting what you have stored in the unit. You will remember many items you have stored but you might forget one or two items and when you need those items you will start searching for it at home. After searching repeatedly at home, you will have to visit your storage unit to find what’s missing. All this hassle can be avoided if you make a master list of all the items stored at the storage facility.

List down the box number and beside that mention detailed item description. This might take time to create but will save a lot of time later. Don’t forget to make copies of the list for both the storage unit and your home.

Final Thoughts:

Organizing the self-storage unit, in the beginning, would save you a lot of time and effort later. Just remember to arrange the unit in such a way that it looks organized and tidy and swear to keep it that way, whenever you use it.

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