Know the Need of SMS Gateways for Every Business

SMS gateway

Without emphasizing every business owner and even common man know the significance of communication to promote any business. In the technologically advanced world, mobile phones stay very close to every individual. On a lighter note, people across age groups, gender, and financial status can sleep even without a pillow but not leaving their cell phones.

Short messages are the recent trend used by entrepreneurs to promote business. You will receive several messages on your phone, and you know they are sent for marketing purposes. But, there is a catch, like emails are compatible with the internet, SMS are not. Connecting SMS to the internet via SMS gateways is possible.

Introduction to SMS Gateway

The gateway that links the email and short messages are called the SMS gateway. Companies sent messages to target groups mobile via SMS. When there is any reply posted by the interested party, the response reaches the business owners email and not as SMS. This benefits business in two ways.

  1. Sending SMS can reach a large group of audience and conversion to potential business is quick.
  2. Receiving response from the recipient to the company’s email Inbox helps to track and take necessary actions.

SMS Gateway Edge over Email Marketing

When people receive an email it may take time to be read by them as in the fast-paced world; people prefer checking messages on the go. But, email responses will take time. SMS received on their phone handy allows them to read and respond quickly.

SMS gateway messages work same as ordinary messages and reach the message inbox with message tone or vibration. More than ninety people of the individual tend to read the message soon after it arrives their phone. Also, forty percent of those people even respond.

Thus SMS mode of marketing will reach more audience and stands a better chance for conversion.

Benefits of SMS Short Codes

SMS short codes are five to six digit number given to the business organization to promote their products or services.

The numbers are short and straightforward can be quickly remembered by the customer and respond to the owners. These codes are associated with the email of the business owner, and they receive the response.

The SMS short codes are available in two ways namely the dedicated and shared. Shared codes can be used by small entrepreneurs as they are cheap and the same code will be shared by two or more organizations. Unlike the dedicated codes are exclusive codes that can use for substantial marketing purposes.

The SMS short codes service provider associated with the telephone operators and let their message do wonders to promote business.

How Does Business Win By Using SMS Gateway?

Given that short messages can reach people quickly and generates more business. SMS gateway does the linking job and helps companies to take action on the emails they receive from the customers. Also, they can create a filter in their mailbox for the messages received in response to their short messages and can prioritize the queries to convert them into sales at the earliest possible.

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