Ios 11 Tips To Maximize Your Iphone Experience


Apple’s new flagship phone comes with a new and recently updated operating software—the iOS 11. The OS provides a handful and more of changes and great improvements most notably a more refined camera and customizable Control Center.

With a number of exciting new features and regardless if you snagged a brand new iPhone X or updated your iPhone 6/7, here is a short guide on what you need to know to take advantage of the iOS update and master your phone effortlessly.

Add your favorite shortcuts to the Control Center

Yes, not only is the Control Center now more sleek than ever, but you can now also customize what shortcuts you want to have easy access to in the shortcuts menu.

You can customize it by going to the Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. In there, you’ll see a list of functions you can customize to the shortcut menu such as Notes, Camera, Calculator, Alarm, and more. There’s also a new feature you’d enjoy: the Screen Recording function, which serves to record what you’re doing on your screen.

Unlock your phone without pressing the home button

This is for the models before the iPhone X, which unlocks via Face ID. Unlike before where unlocking your iPhone requires your fingerprint + a press on the home button, Touch ID now only requires you to simply rest your finger to unlock. To change the settings, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > and then switching on “Rest Finger to Open”.

Easily share WiFi password with fellow iOS devices

Probably one of the advanced features of iOS 11 that offers great use for WiFi sharing homes is the ability to share WiFi passwords to a fellow iOS device. This is of great assistance when you have friends around attempting to connect to a network in which you’ve already connected and entered the password previously. A pop-up will appear asking you if you’d like to share the password via Bluetooth.

Password-protect your Notes

Don’t you feel uneasy when a friend of family member borrows your phone and the thought of them looking over your Notes dread you to the core? Thanks to the latest feature on the Notes app, you’ll never have to feel this way ever again.

To password-protect specific notes, you’d have to simply just head to the note you’d like to secure and tap into the “Share” icon and tap “Lock Note”.

Scan documents using Notes

In addition to the password-protect feature, Notes also now allows you to scan and store documents.whether it be a new note or an existing one, tap on the “plus” icon and a menu will show up. Tap “Scan Documents” and the camera will immediately start determining your document.

Ask Siri for translations

Siri is more than your personal assistant because now, it may as well be your personal translator. This is certainly a good help when traveling!

Apple’s famous virtual assistant can now translate speech from English to German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and French. These are the languages available as of the moment.

Find out what bloats your space

Your iPhone Storage can be a pain to offload especially when you are unaware which app cause the major bloatware. The new iOS has made it easy for users to manage their storage capacity efficiently and find out where to offload storage easily.

You can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to get a good look at what’s on your iPhone and how much space you can save by offloading certain apps.

These are only a few of the many features the new iOS offers. Know more tips and tricks? Share your thoughts with us. Comment down below!

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