How to Avoid Being Addicted To Technology


Addiction to technology is almost becoming an epidemic. It has affected people so much that a majority of individuals are spending chunks of their productive time on their gadgets instead of doing more useful and meaningful things. It should be noted there is no problem in having all the pieces of fancy tech around and also using them, but if they want to come in the way of our work or relationships, then it becomes a huge concern.

And just like any other addiction, it is sad that getting hooked is so easy, but kicking it becomes a real problem. The good news is that it is entirely doable and anyone can free themselves from the claws of tech addiction and make most the use of their time. Here are a few methods which can be used to do away with the harmful addiction to technology.

Avoid checking your gadgets in the morning

It is common to find people waking up, and the first thing they do is what is referred to digital check-in – they check their emails, Instagram and Facebook feed and starts reacting immediately. Now this is very dangerous and it is one thing you must stop if you want to break the tech addiction. Starting your morning in this manner takes away the productivity in you and the hours that follow will be nothing but wasteful.

To break such a habit, you must replace the habit of digital check-in with something more productive. For instance, you can wake up to a short session of yoga or stretching, meditating, reading or going through your plan for the day. In this manner, you will start the day with more positive energy, thus increasing your chances of making good use of the hours to follow.

Don’t use your smart phone as an alarm clock

The other way you can use to break tech addiction is to tell time the old-fashioned way. With smartphones, people are used to using them for checking the time, and it is during such moments that the temptation to check out all the notifications come in.

Additionally, people use their smartphones as alarm clocks, and after using their gadgets the whole night, they rely on the phones to wake them up. But what happens when the alarm sounds? They switch it off and turn to the internet. The cure for this is to get the old-fashioned alarm clocks and buy a digital clock for knowing what time it is.

Create tech breaks

Decide to block your working time, during which you don’t allow any form of tech distract you. The frequency with which some people check on their computers is just saddening, and they end up wasting valuable productive time on things that don’t matter. But you can reduce the frequency, since you have to use your tech, anyway. By scheduling a tech break, you will ensure to make most of your working time and not get distracted because you know that after a while, you will get back to your tech.

Say goodbye to all notifications

It is not a must that you check out every notification on your phone. This is the number one reason for tech addiction. The smartphones can be compared to a portable slot machine, and every time there is a notification, your brain will tell you that there is something you need to check. After a while, you will be checking every notification, including those that don’t even concern you. Simply disable all notifications so that you can have a silent phone all through the day.

Don’t let yourself become idle

Idleness is another reason why most people get addicted to technology. Every time they are idle, they will get to their gadgets and start passing the time with their favorite games. Before they realize it, so many hours have been spent, and they haven’t done anything meaningful. Or if they have nothing to do and the phones are within reach, they will simply pick them up and log into the internet to start wandering from one social media site to another. Therefore, the best way to avoid such tendencies is to avoid being idle. Always keep yourself busy so that you don’t have time to waste on tech or visit sites such as best New Zealand Casinos and waste more time and money gambling.

Use tech to beat tech addiction

This sounds ridiculous, but it is possible to use tech to beat tech addiction. For instance, if you can know just how many times you checked your phone in a day or how many times you log into Facebook and the amount of time you spend on each session, you may decide that enough is enough and you have to put an end to it. Various apps can help you understand just how much time you waste on tech by telling you things such as the number of times you checked your phone in a day, the number of times you were on the social media or the number of times you got distracted by playing games. There are also apps to block you or warn when you are interacting with tech when you should not be doing so. You can use these apps to get some relief from being addicted to tech.

Unplug before going to bed

Just as it is important to not interact with tech the moment you wake up, it is also important to avoid all the tech before going to bed. It is recommended that you should do away with tech hours before you go to bed, and ideally, you should not have things like phones in the bedroom. Studies show that the blue light emitted by computer screens and phones affect the production of melatonin – a hormone responsible for telling the brain that it is time to sleep. So by avoiding tech before going to bed, you are increasing your chances of having a peaceful sleep and going to bed while not reacting to notifications on your phone.

Start doing all these slowly and will time, you will regain your freedom, and you won’t have to be addicted to tech anymore. It may take some time, but you must start now.

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