7 Most Popular And Long Lasting Ink Cartridges

Canon Ink Tank Cartridges

One of the common problems that are faced by an individual who owns a printer is when the ink cartridge runs out of ink. Not only does it hampers the day to day printing jobs but the extra cost that is associated with buying a new cartridge every time adds up to the frustration. The best solution for this recurring problem would be to invest in those cartridges that have larger capacities that will give you more printed documents.

To make things simple for you, I am going to showcase the 7 best long lasting cartridges that you should consider investing in.

Canon Ink Tank Cartridges

1. Canon Ink Tank Cartridges

The Canon Ink Tank cartridges are quite versatile and high yield cartridges that are capable of delivering vibrant colors and crisp lines for a very long time. These cartridges are best if you are looking to have a consistent print quality. So, if you are among those who own a Canon printer then you should consider replacing your old and low yield cartridges with the Canon Ink Tank ones.

These cartridges are only compatible with the Canon printers and are suitable for the photo printers. You can get the cartridges in black and tri-color packs.

Brother High Yield Ink Cartridges

2. Brother High Yield Ink Cartridges

These are one of the most reliable and long lasting ink cartridges that are available out there. Compatible with the Brother printer, the cartridges are able to handle all the large scale printing jobs easily. The cartridges can print up to 1200 pages and has a shelf life of 20 months. You can get the cartridges both in black as well as in different color options. These cartridges are going to perform in the same fashion for a very long time so you need not worry about the investment that you have made on them.

Canon Extra Large Ink Cartridges

3. Canon Extra Large Ink Cartridges

The Canon Extra Large Ink Cartridges are available in both black and color tri-packs. These cartridges are a perfect replacement for the Canon CL-211XL cartridges and are perfect for delivering rich colors to the Canon PIXMA printers. The cartridges are well suited for the large printing projects and can print close to 350 pages. You can easily install the cartridges in the standard PIXMA cartridge slot. The cartridges have a shelf life of 18 months.

Brother Innobella High Yield Ink Cartridges

4. Brother Innobella High Yield Ink Cartridges

If you are looking for ink cartridges for your Brother inkjet printer in addition to high volume and high quality printing, then look no further than the Brother Innobella High Yield Ink Cartridges. The cartridges are rated for 500 pages and will easily take care of all your printing needs. For all of the large scale projects, you can rely on these cartridges as you will not face the need to replace them. Along with a Brother Printer, the cartridges can be used along with a Brother fax machine also.

Lexmark 44 Black

5. Lexmark 44 Black

The Lexmark 44 Black ink cartridges make use of the Evercolour2 technology and yield high-quality and long lasting prints. These cartridges are also popular due to their versatility and affordable price. The Lexmark 44 Black ink cartridges are perfect for home or small office usage. The cartridges will not face any type of clogging or drying up complaints. All the printing jobs will be undertaken by the cartridges in a seamless manner. All the different range of Lexmark printers are compatible with the cartridges.

HP 363XL Black

6. HP 363XL Black

The HP 363XL Black is capable of offering up to 1120 complete A4 pages. The high-quality ink is free from any kind of smudges and color bleeding. Along with this, the ink is UV and water resistant. For all type of standard printing jobs, photo printing, jet black color printing, the HP 363XL Black is a perfect choice. The reason behind the long span of the cartridges is that the premium HP ink will not get dried up or clogged in the printer heads.

Brother LC1000BK

7. Brother LC1000BK

Brother LC1000BK is a long lasting cartridge that produces high-quality clear and crisp black prints. The price tag with which the cartridges come is pretty moderate. A single cartridge can print close to 500 pages of black text. Most of the Brother inkjet printers are compatible with the cartridge. The Brother LC1000BK cartridges have a water base aqueous ink which is the reason behind the production of sharp and vivid colors.

In The End

All the cartridges that are mentioned in this article are among the best long lasting cartridges that are available with respect to different printer brands. Depending on your individual requirements and the model of your printer you can choose any one out of them.

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