6 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Action Camera

Action Cameras
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In this day and age, action cameras are more prevalent than ever. It has become an essential travel and/or outdoor must-have equipment. It’s not surprising because the pocket-sized camera works wonders—easy to capture your outdoor adventures and captures the moments the way your eyes sees it.

Between this compact, mountable anywhere camera and the other bulky ones, action cameras step up the way people treasure their memories and adventures in picture and video. The product is suitable for almost any activities, if not all.

Whether you just bought an action camera for yourself or already have one but looking for ways to spice up how you make the best out of it, here are some tips that will cover for your shooting needs and questions.

Shoot short clips

You may be good at editing but if your shots are nothing short of good, your skills won’t show in the video or photo output. To make the editing process swift and the final output exceptional, try to shoot short clips that lasts a few seconds of good content instead of long ones that eat up your memory and only contain a good few seconds worth of clip.

Try different angles

Most of the time, great shots are captured on angles that go against the basic or what we usually practice. Instead of shooting a biker chest-level going towards you, shoot with your camera on the ground. Instead of mounting your action camera on your helmet while skating, mount it on the skateboard.

Shooting from unusual and multiple angles produces content that satisfies and surprises the viewers with your creative shooting process. Give the viewers something they wouldn’t expect.

Plan where to set it up

Before you tap the record button or the shutter to capture a photo, carefully plan where to set up your camera. Action photographers and videographers know where and when to shoot a clip that won’t go to waste but that doesn’t mean they’ve never made mistakes before. Like the previously mentioned, try shooting in different angles to get better shots and know where to set up, from the shoot location to the position of the camera.

Use some filters

Applying camera filters give your clips more life and some extra nice touches. There are a variety of filters available for your action camera; usage of which depends on the camera and the nature of your shooting. For instance, you can hook up a red filter that’s perfect to use for underwater shooting to balance the color. These filters help you get the correct color and effects for the shots you want.

Shoot in high FPS when capturing slow motion

In order to shoot in slow motion effectively and for it to look as good as it can, you need to shoot in as high FPS (frames per second) as you can. Your camera will likely have it set by fairly low by default, maybe around 30fps, so you’ll need to dig into the settings to change this.

Use reliable mounts

Nobody wants a shaking video footage. One of the important equipment and tools you ought to have when you buy an action camera is durable straps and good mounts. Invest in one and it’s a guarantee you’ll have exceptional clips worth sharing.

If you’ve got any tips you think we’ve missed, share them in the comments below.

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