12 Annoying Gym Habits That Drive Everyone Nuts

Gym Habits

Some people label gym-goers based on different factors, including their fitness goals, age, weight, gender, health condition, and level of experience. Well, I’d prefer putting them in two boxes: the well-mannered and the not so well-mannered.

A gym is a shared space. A mannerly gym-goer observes the gym etiquette, from the proper handling of the fitness equipment to being considerate to other people in the room. On the other hand, some people still find it difficult to follow the unspoken rules of basic decency, from not reracking the dumbells to making unnecessary noises while working out.

If you’re regular at the gym, you probably see some of the same annoying personalities each week. Or who knows, you might be one of them and you’ve got no clue. So ahead are 12 infuriating gym habits you might be doing and how to stop them.

1. Grunting (or Moaning) Excessively


A subtle grunt is okay, but a full-out moan? Gym-goers whose noises can be heard from all the corners, even if they’re just warming up, are likely to seek attention and let everyone know that they’re working hard.

Turn down the volume of your music so you could hear your own voice, and whether or not it’s becoming distracting to other peeps. In addition, you should also avoid dropping fitness equipment like dumbells and kettlebells loudly after each set.

2. Hoarding

Can’t seem to find the piece of fitness equipment you need but there are only a few people inside the gym? Chances are it’s in close proximity to the “hoarder,” who gets more equipment than he needs with no consideration to other people who might want to use these instruments.

Even if you can do weightlifting while walking on the treadmill, do not be a hoarder. Make sure to only use one piece of equipment at a time and be respectful to other gym goers.

3. Hovering Around

if you need to use an exercise equipment, don’t do it while hovering over people finishing up their final sets. In general, don’t stare or watch. If you want to use the kettlebells, just ask. It’s really hard to concentrate, plus it’s kinda creepy when someone is standing and gawking right next to you.

4. Leaving Weights and Equipment Everywhere

Gym Weights

The golden rule is that if you move something in the gym, return it to where you originally found them. Unfortunately, many folks still fail at this basic decorum.

We’re not playing scavenger hunt here, so once you’re done with those dumbells, rerack them. Don’t drop them wherever you please. And if you have to drop them after each set, make sure to set your weights down gently and quietly.

5. Hogging the Mirror

Always mind the mirror. Make sure you’re not standing in front of someone lifting in the mirror. Another rule is to be considerate of how your reflection is affecting fellow lifters. If possible, leave about an arm’s length of spare around anyone doing workouts alongside you.

6. Sweating Over Equipment and Not Wiping it Down

Sitting in other people’s sweat is gross, isn’t it?

Make it a habit to remove all weight plates from the squat rack, grab hand towels, wipe down dumbells, cardio machines, and other gym equipment you used, and make sure you don’t leave a puddle of sweat behind.

7. Blabbing on Your Phone

The person next to you didn’t go to the gym to hear your entire bad Tinder date story as you chat with your friend loudly over the phone. Aside from chatting, texting and internet surfing silently can also be annoying. Why? Other people would like to use that bench or machine you’ve been sitting on for 10 minutes while texting.

8. Modeling

Another common gym pet peeve is seeing someone taking photographic evidence of them being at the gym. A single post-workout selfie is okay, but flexing your muscles and taking multiple selfies from every angle while blocking the mirror (with your camera shutter sound and flash on) can be quite disturbing.

9. Giving advice to Someone Who Didn’t Ask For it

Gym Fitness

“You know why you’re still not losing weight? It’s because doing cardio isn’t enough; you have to work your muscles too. (insert fitness jargons here) It worked for me because I used to be overweight and…”

But sir, why are you assuming that I’m trying to lose weight in the first place?

Unless you’re asked and you have a bit of knowledge about physical education, you’re not in the position to provide workout advice. Everyone’s body and fitness goals are different, so the way you do things isn’t necessarily the way everyone does things.

10. Wearing Heavy Perfume

Everybody wants to smell fresh and fragrant after an hour of intense, sweat-packed training, but do you really have to spray ten times in a cramped locker room? Keep in mind that some people may be sensitive to fragrance. You can wear a mild cologne or don’t wear anything at all.

11. Holding Up the Drinking Fountain Line

If you have a giant bottle to fill, it’s understandable. But if you fill multiple bottles for the road, causing a long line of thirsty people behind you, perhaps you might want to let them use the fountain first.

12. Being Comfortable Naked

Just because you’re with people of the same sex inside the locker room, doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to see what should not be seen. A towel is there for a reason.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Fitbiz, a retail shop dedicated to providing a large selection of exercise equipment for fitness enthusiasts in Australia.

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