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Top Summer Destinations in North India

Indian summer needs no introduction; it beats the blue out of anyone and the scorching heat only adds to the worries. At certain pockets in India the summer is unbearable whereas in other parts, it…

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5 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Whether you’re preparing for your first solo travel this 2017 or your first ever solo adventure into new lands and cultures, traveling alone can be daunting and exciting at the same time. More on the…

Places to Study in USA

5 Places to Study Abroad in the USA

USA continues to be among the top destinations for international students and every year several applications are sent across to the eminent universities in the USA. The USA has a lot to offer, it is…

Brisbane in your travel list

Have Unlimited Fun in Australia’s Hippest City, Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland is a beautiful city in the country of Australia known for its architecture, culture, modern art, classical performances, live music, theatre performances, water bodies and even sports! If you love…