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Action Cameras

6 Things To Consider When Buying An Action Camera

In this generation where technology constantly evolves and consumers are offered the latest tech year after year. There’s no doubt that people would flock to buy the product if it means better experience and convenience….

Sign Fintech Deal

Singapore, Malaysia Sign Fintech Deal

As global markets become more intertwined with one another, and as major financial institutions, serious investors, and institutional capitalists look to take advantage of all the opportunities that these global markets offer, the world of…

Action Camera

5 Reasons You Should Get An Action Camera

In this day and age where photography is a hobby and profession in which anyone can dive into and showcase their shots in just a few taps, owning a variety of professional camera that best…

iOS Games

The Best iOS Games for Youngsters

These days, video games are not just for teenage boys anymore. With more and more people owning smartphones and tablets, it comes with the territory that a greater variety of games will be created to…