Why we love Trains and Travelling?

Passion for travelling

Train comes as the emotion for every Indian individual. This emotion is because of the sheer joy of travelling to various regions of the country. Indian by birth want to travel a lot. And it is evident that every time they get soe time off from their busy schedule they pack their lives and get out from the home in search for some sort of rejuvenations.

The sound or the whistling of the trains makes them feel nostalgic every time they travel. And it is very much common for them because India is the land of diversified natural section.

It has the mighty Himalayas, the best mountains are present in this range and that offers a vast array of natural beauty to the travelers. It is sheer joy to watch and behold those mighty mountains. Apart from the mountains they also have got seas all around surrounding the southern zone of the India. This seas and oceans also provide another sort of natural; beauty to the travelers. It also has desert in the western front of the country. Apart from that there are many more beautiful places that offers solace to the travelers. And this travelling is made easy due to the huge connection of the Indian railways connects the country in a profound way.

Making an equilibrated situation

India belonging to the third world country, mainly dominated by the people who are very much poor or even under the BPL or the below poverty level line. For these section peoples travelling comes very much costly. As travelling will take away a lot of money from they which they can use for their daily need to get paid. However here comes the passion for the travelling that India have, in which it is seen that they also get along one time in the year with their families to travel.

They save their daily as well as monthly earnings all-round the year just to have some good time for themselves as well as with their families. This passion is mainly driven due to the emotion towards travelling. Indian government is also very much active in this area and this passion of travelling never ever goes un-noticed. The railways cost has become very much cheap so that every section or economic background peoples can travel in this wide network. IRCTC or the Indian Railways Catering and Traveling Corporation is in the sole responsibility of this matter with a soul intention of giving the passengers of any sort of economic background the best they should get which makes their journey very much easy.


This IRCTC takes care of every bit of things related to the food and also the journey for each and every traveler. People tend to travel across the country also for work and also for rejuvenations. For them the train journey is a bit longs. They are provided with proper food during their stay in the train.

Food delivery App

They have also opened online portals where the passengers are able to ask for every possible need during their journey. Train food delivery app is also present so that passengers are able to order their desired food from anywhere during their travelling.


One should be maintained by each and traveler that Indian Railway is an asset to the India and keeping it good is the soul responsibility of each and every traveler.

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