Why is now the time to cash in on Digital Marketing?


In this article we will explore the depths of Digital marketing, let’s see how far this takes us.

Digital marketing is something that we are getting to hear a lot about these days, it didn’t come all of sudden and dominated all of commerce as we know it.

It’s always been lurking in the plain sight, the world remained ignorant about it’s potential.

Fast-Forward to 2018

Thanks to influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Tai Lopez, Brian Dean, Kevin David, and many more, these are legends in the domain of Digital Marketing, they have exploited the potential of Digital marketing in ways that defies explanation.

Influencers catering to the niche of Digital Marketing are literally giving away all the priceless tips and tricks that are ridiculously scalable and quantifiable.

What made Digital Marketing rather apparent is the fact that internet is becoming cheaper day-by-day at a scary rate.

JIO dramatically changed the data scenario, gone are the days when we used to keep close watch on our data usage, so that to not run out of it before the stipulated time.

But, as JIO made its roaring entry into the telecom, things have changed miraculously. Today, people are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding information, today people are learning new concepts on YouTube, thanks to the fact that it’s a FREE portal.

It has increasingly become apparent in the presence of current circumstances, that not having your business’s presence on Internet can cost you a fortune.

Presence of business on Internet is acting as a benchmark of assurance, reliability, and trust.

This where Digital marketers comes at the rescue, this is precisely what makes the knowledge of Digital marketing so crucial.

Google is literally giving away a FREE course on Digital marketing, so that people can learn for free and spend money on Google advertisement Network.

Cause, it’s never FREE; it’s always give and take.

Today if you empower yourself with the thorough knowledge of Digital Marketing, then that certainly gives an upper hand over the Market.

Because, in the Market there’s a lot of business who are too busy making money, acquiring assets, and expanding the business. That is what their core activities are as a Business.

A business person would rather invest time in Planning, strategizing, acquiring, development, and expansion than in Marketing.

Marketing is simply a medium of communication, if you have a good understanding of Digital Marketing thoroughly, then you have a tremendous amount of opportunities lying out there. You just have to approach the right people at the right time at the right place.

Digital Marketing isn’t just meant for companies doing business on and through internet.

  • Companies engrossed in
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Automation Tools
  • Online Education

These companies wouldn’t survive, if it is not for the Digital Marketing. Because their ideal target customers aren’t looking for them out there in the physical world, there very needs are fulfilled by their very digital product.

For example Moz’s Open Site Explorer is the epitome of one of the best Search Engine Optimization Tool, it’s the tool that is used to optimize the website for search engine full fledgedly.

Even if we talk about the company that has very little or nothing to do Digital Goods or Service. Let’s say, a construction Goods Manufacturer.

A construction Goods Manufacturer’s Business isn’t digital. He has a plant where he manufactures, stores, and distributes through stores.

Despite that, for Branding, awareness, & promotional purposes he has to go Digital, in order to reflect web presence and form authority.

For a construction goods manufacturer to make the intended impact, he needs a static website that drives decent traffic, and communicates the value proposition, before people leave the site.

He has to be active on Facebook, and Instagram at least.

All of these seems like quite a hassle for a business man to go through, that is where Digital Marketers comes into play.

And besides, it’s not like they are not going to generate any value of Digital Marketing.

What they will generate is Inquiries, Leads, Awareness, and most importantly Advocacy.

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