Understanding Boarding Schools in Depth

There are often things said about boarding schools. Some people say that boarding schools are for kids who are trouble at both school and home. However this isn’t true. There are two types of such schools- therapeutic boarding schools and college preparatory boarding schools. None of these are for children who cause apparent trouble. College preparatory boarding schools are meant for students who are motivated enough to look for new opportunities after school. Such boarding schools are ideal for students are doing well at school and home but want to explore challenges. Such colleges prepare you for college through rigorous academic procedures. Therapeutic boarding schools on the other hand are for students who have difficulty in a traditional school setting or at home. The goal of such schools is also to prepare children for college, however their main duty is to handle children who face emotional problems, behavioural changes, significant learning differences and substance abuse.

Both these types of cbse girls boarding school in dehradun are very different. They serve different missions and different audiences. When you are looking at different schools, this is helpful. This way you can avoid misperceptions surrounding boarding schools.

Is it really hard to keep in touch with your  family in a boarding school?


It’s the 21st century and it’s easier than ever to stay connected and in touch with people. The internet is redefining how children living in boardings and their families communicate.

Most boarding schools offer WiFi facilities to their students with almost all schools having access to the internet in at least one boarding house and some even have it in every dormitory. However since it’s a school, internet access is limited and can be used only between a given number of hours so that they can have  their share of fun and also keep in touch with their family. Depending on a school and the policies it caters to, students can also keep cellphones on themselves to keep each other connected.

It is important that you keep an open mind regarding what you feel about boarding schools. The best way you can learn about a boarding school is by visiting one. Go to their campus and talk to the students studying there and learn a thing or two about their experiences.

You must set achievable goals for yourself

It is very important that you set academic goals because otherwise you won’t  be able to achieve anything at all in an all girls boarding school dehradun. However, it is more important that you set goals that are more achievable and manageable than setting goals that  are completely unrealistic. If you set your goals too high then you’ll feel worn out. Feeling the disappointment that comes with missing the target can make you feel disappointed. Similarly, if  you set the bar very low, you can  feel bored and you’ll have way too much  of excessive free time. Both are not right, especially low goals because you won’t  find a sense of achievement if everything is simply a piece  of cake.

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