UnderConstructionPage WordPress Plugin Review

Regular maintenance is essential for all kinds of sites to follow recent trends and technologies of the digital world. However, during the construction session, broken pages present a negative image of your website, and blank pages would decrease the number of visitors. Thus, it is recommended to install a proficient under construction WordPress plugin while you are updating your core files, advancing the features of sites or upgrading the theme. Although, there are many free or pro under construction plugins are available at WordPress but only a few of them are pragmatic, and the UnderConstructionPage WordPress Plugin is one of them.

UnderConstructionPage Plugin is designed by Web Factory Ltd. More than 100,000 active installations and availability in more than 6 languages make it a very in demand plugin of WordPress for under construction purpose. Here we are going to discuss some outstanding free features of UnderConstructionPage Plugin:


If you are a beginner in web development world, then UnderConstructionPage Plugin should be the first choice if you want to put your website in construction mode. In this regard, you just have to go into the basic setting of the plugin and need to enable the under construction mode. You can add expiry date also there. On the contrary, UnderConstructionPage plugin will also allow you add Google Analytics feature while construction session as well.

Brilliant Designs

UnderConstructionPage Plugin for WordPress is providing stunning designs with more than 25 themes to its users free of cost. On the other hand, companies are charging hundreds of dollars for the provision of custom designed under construction pages. Similarly, developers are adding new designs twice in a month to improve the users’ experience.          

Content and Social Buttons

UnderConstructionPage Plugin permits its users to add content for construction mode according to their consent. Users can also add an SEO friendly title and description in this regard. Moreover, the availability of social icons including Facebook, Email, Skype etc. during construction mode makes the plugin very engaging.

Customized Access

One of the most appealing features of UnderConstructionPage Plugin is its personalized access. Yes, you can assign the entrance to this plugin to limited users and can hide the access from any of users.

Pro Features of UnderConstructionPage Plugin

With more than 1100 five-star reviews, developers also introduced pro features of UnderConstructionPage Plugin and we are going to discuss them below:

  • A user can experience the modernized access control.
  • Pro Version allows the users to add custom links with custom stop rules.
  • With local database autoresponder support, Zapier and MailChimp assistance are also offered to the consumers of pro version. Notably, the features of MailChimp for the use of marketing automation are excellent.
  • Export and import settings, countdown timer and advanced page builders are some stunning features of pro version of UnderConstructionPage Plugin that you must try once.
  • The custom CSS option also gives reliability because we can adjust any part of the page according to our requirements that fit more beautifully on our webpage.
  • Pro Version gives access to 300,000 plus free photos that you can use on any page or even for commercial use.

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