Tips to Create a Bohemian Wardrobe

The appeal of a bohemian look is absolutely priceless. The 2018 trends involved a lot of lumberjack patterns and glittery sequins. Incorporating all these styles in your own wardrobe can be so fascinating and exciting. Certain styles may seem out of the place, but after you discover what you are comfortable in, you will have several outfits that will make your wardrobe sparkle.

Newbies need to understand that bohemian is not just about floral and a hippie legacy. It does reflect a lot of the free-spirited nature of an individual, but it is so much more than that. If you wish o discover your inner boho self, it is time you gather all these essentials to stack it in your wardrobe.


The bohemian look is inspired by the minimalist, nomadic lifestyle of few European folk who dared to live the unconventional life. The fabrics used in bohemian outfits are imaginative yet humble. Having fabrics like leather, denim, linen, or cotton would be great. Make your decision based on movement restriction, durability, and purpose in mind. These choices are quite popular today and you will see these fabrics in normal clothing as well.

But, these fabrics aren’t the end. Materials like velvet, suede, and silk are on the rise. So, do experiment. Try to keep it natural when you go shopping the next time.

Patterns and Colours

Another great way to own a bohemian wardrobe would be to have the right kinds of nudes. Natural tones are amazing. They are warm and comforting. Go with colours like olive green, ochre, soft pink, champagne, azure blue, lavender, brown, and so on.

You can complement the look with patterns that highlights your movements. Some options that you must have include ethnic-inspired embroidery in whites and blacks, floral, tribal embroidery, checkered shirts, etc. With some natural ornaments like petals and leaves, you will be good to go.

Breezy Maxis

As comfort is a must, you would love to try out the gorgeous maxi dresses in stores. Who said you have to compromise with style if you are looking for comfort? These gorgeous dresses are light, length, and comfortable. Nothing could go wrong with this fabulous look. You can also try out the maxi tops or maxi dresses and coordinate them with other chic items. It is time to let go of those excessively form-fitting tight clothes that make you so uncomfortable.


Another major part of your wardrobe would include the accessories. Depending on the kind of outfits you have already purchased, you must get the right kind of accessories. Some of the popular choices include a floral tiara, or a set of celestial earrings. You will find many jewellery makers have a few unique pieces. Tribal or ethnic designs are also quite exciting. Another popular choice would be headbands with colourful patterns. Hats are not only chic but also provide sun protection. The idea behind accessories is simple; go for chunky, statement pieces of jewellery and accessories.

Now that you have all covered, why are you waiting? Start stacking right away!

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