The rapid growth of k12 education system in India

The introduction of technology in the field of education has totally changed the system. The e-learning feature has revolutionized education and given birth to other new ways of education. One such way is the K-12 education. This mode was very popular in countries such as United States of America, Canada and India. Now, it is spreading like wild fire in the schools of India. K12 education system is entirely different from the conventional method of teaching. There is a lot of interaction between teachers and students. It is a very convenient way of educating students. No wonder, IndianK-12 school system is the largest in the world. There are more than 1.4 million schools and as many as 250+ million students have enrolled for this education in India.

Basically, K-12 education is the education givenfor the primary and secondary school kids. It includes children from K or kindergarten up until 12th standard. This method is slowly gaining importance in India. The government is also welcoming the idea by introducing free compulsory primary education in the entire country.

Pros of k12 education –

  • There will be more student and teacher interaction.
  • There will also be more of students and student’s interaction.
  • It encourages question-answer sessions and assignments which come in handy in promoting several learning habits in the students.
  • There will be Individual attention given to each child.
  • It helps the child to think independently. There is space for the students to develop learning and understanding abilities on their own.
  • The students can add values to their assignments by putting out their personal views. There is encouragement for new ideas.
  • When the student is not able to attend classes, he can take part in the learning process from anywhere at any time.
  • Such fine tuning will help the students perform well in their academics and come out in flying colours. Good scores will naturally help the institution to gain name and fame.
  • It is a self paced learning program where each individual will learn in his own speed. It is wrong to expect every student to understand different concept in one speed. So, k12 system will enable the kids to understand the lessons in their own time and space. There is no pressurising.
  • The lessons are customised letting the students to learn their choice of lessons each time they sit to learn.The study material is designed around each student and their needs. Also, there is a use of multiple learning styles to understand the difficult lessons. Each student can use his own style of learning.

The rising fame of the K-12 education system in India is a proof to the success of the concept. It is also evidence that the system is working well among the students. We can see many K-12 education companies in India that are willing to create programs and setups for the schools. It will not be a surprise if one day, every single school and college in the country is using this facility.

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