The Important Facts You Need to Know About Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting has simplified metal cutting and has made it breeze easy. When you have to cut metals, plastic, glass or wood, it is difficult to imagine how light will adhere with the spinning blade. Traditional light had a tough time cutting the metal while laser beam makes the cutting of metal breeze easy by using the concentrated light beam.

Laser cutting is the technique of cutting metal whereby laser beam heats the workpiece to the precisely severe piece. Laser machine uses a high-powered laser beam and directs it towards the material, which needs to be cut. The laser beam then vaporizes, melts, or burns metal along the line, which is predetermined. The end result is a precise and accurate cut. If you require precisely cut edges, use a laser machine.

A laser beam is used to initiate laser cutting. Many companies make use of laser cutting technique to cut metals. Here, the high amount of energy is directed toward a well-defined spot or a small spot. The resultant heat created by the laser rays help to vaporize the metal. The rays may be used whenever needed. The heat energy is directed towards the zone, which needs to be cut. 

The Various Applications of Laser Cutting

There are varied applications of laser cutting. Schools, manufacturers, businesses, and hobbyists use it. The following are the applications:

  • It helps to cut non-metal materials like fabrics, plastics, and papers. You may use this technique to cut wood, polycarbonate, thin acrylics. The average power needed here is just 450 watts.
  • Even the thick non-metal material may be cut with laser cutting. To cut thicker non-metal material, the average power of even 500 watts may be required. The peak power can be 1500 watts. It may cut thicker wood or plastic of 1 inch-2 inches width. If the power is low, the laser rays have to work hard. It may take time to cut the metal. This, in turn, reduces the cutting speed to cause chemical changes, excessive heat, or may even cause damage to the material. The cutting result will not be that precise in this case.
  • High power laser may be directed towards heavy and thicker metals for precise cutting. The high power laser is between 500-1000 watts or even moves up to 2500 watts. If the metal is thin, it may be cut with the power of 120 watts. You may cut cold rolled steel and even stainless steel metal with the laser rays. This sort of cutting can cut any of the materials including metallic tags, clock faces, and machine parts. It may be used to cut signs, metallic symbols, leather upholstery, and other such metallic components.

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The Benefits of Laser Cutting

There are innumerable benefits of laser cutting. It cuts a variety of materials that too precisely and accurately. You have to program the pattern to the laser cutter. The laser cutter will cut the patterns exactly. The cut edges will be clean and exact. The best part is that laser can even cut the smallest of holes. 

No Wastage of Metal

Mechanical cutting can cause wear and tear of metals and lead to metal wastage. Laser rays do not cause any wear and tear of metals. There is not any actual surface to cause wear and tear. You get precisely cut metals and consistent cutting results. As laser cutting is extremely precise, there is no wastage of metal or material.

It is great to know that most of the laser equipment come with load and unload features that go on automatically. If you use lasers, the result you have is precise. The workpieces are held in an accurate and right position. It does not take much time to cut metals and other materials when you use the right laser-cutting equipment.

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