The Few Week, Few Day Weight-Loss Plans and What You Need to Know Upfront

The Few Week, Few Day Weight-Loss Plans and What You Need to Know Upfront

Tackling stubborn fat may be a challenging task but with healthy choices and minute adjustments, it’s a sure success.

Weight loss plans should always be progressive, in terms of severity. It’s hard for the body to adjust to sudden changes, so, starting off with a very tough routine would be hard to incorporate and maintain. Thus, start small and make progress. Minute changes collectively would generate big differences.

Some tips for effective weight loss in a few weeks are as follows:

Reduce sugar intake

 Sugar is a carbohydrate, it is meant to be an energy source. But in abundance, is left unutilized and is converted into fat and stored away.

The sugary-fat storage is a major contributor to weight gain. Sugar also causes cravings, which often triggers over-eating and contributes to weight gain.

So, cutting down on sugar (empty calories), or omitting it selectively (where ever possible), would definitely help with weight reduction and management.

Increase protein consumption

Proteins are responsible for muscle mass and muscles help in fat-burning.

Someone with a muscular built will burn more fat than someone with less muscle mass while performing the same task and with the same intensity.

Healthy protein sources like chicken, salmon, eggs, and beans are mandatory for the muscular system to develop and aid in weight loss.

Cut out on excess carbs

Carbs when taken in excess and left unused, is converted into fat. And these excess fats have nothing to do apart from adding bulk and weight.

These fat depositions, with no immediate requirements, does more harm than good. They increase the levels of bad fat cells (brown fat cells) which pose threats like, organ damage, heart blocks and rise in bad cholesterol levels and what not.

Control and monitor the sodium intake

Common salt (the primary source of sodium in our diets) is positively related to weight gain.

Sodium increases food cravings and pushes the body to over-consume unnecessary calories and results in weight gain (fast foods are known to have high levels of sodium content).

Sodium has water retention property and water retention is often associated with abnormal weight gains.


High-intensity exercise has no alternatives. They whip those stubborn fats into lean mass and also add a touch of good health.

Exercises like, squats, lunges, dead-lifts, and cardio are ideal for shedding those unwanted pounds.


Drinking coffee (black, white or however you like it) is a great way to boost your metabolism and compel it to be hyperactive (coffee can increase your metabolic rate by 3-11%).

 A hyperactive metabolism would definitely take care of those fat storages.

Switch to healthier fats

Fats are of many kinds, but in general, the two broad categories are healthy and unhealthy fats.

Avoid the bad (Saturated and Trans fats) as much as possible. Cutting down the general fat intake by switching to its healthier alternatives(omega 3 instead of omega 6), would not only help to execute the weight loss plans efficiently but also save you from major health hazards like organ damage.

Some healthy sources of fat are nuts, eggs, whole-fat cheese, oily fishes (rich in omega3)dark chocolate, and chia seeds.

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