The Different Types Of Door Hardware That You Will Need For Your Home

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We all know that doors are an important part of our home. These are primarily safety objects that we install in your homes for protection. However, we sometimes forget to give the proper thought to the little details- like the hardware that we need to install on the doors.
Selecting the right kind of hardware, may it be designer door hardware or a really simple and basic one; each and every type of door has to have certain hardware that needs to be installed in them. While you will need some in all types of doors, other are meant for some very specific doors of specific rooms. Here are some of the basic different hardware for a door that you need for your home:
  1. Knobs: These help you to open a door and these are necessary for each and every type of door, apart from sliding doors, without which you will not be able to open it. These are typically used for doors of rooms. When buying door knobs, take care that you go for a design that comes with a good grip and with an inbuilt lock so that you can lock the door from inside using it. Almost all modern day door knobs come with this facility.
  2. Door handles: These are also used for opening doors and were in use before knobs. These are typically used for entrance doors of apartments since they come with a lock system where you can lock the door with the help of a key. Handles have a better grip than knobs and have less chances of getting stuck if used properly. Though an older option than the door knobs, these are still very popularly used.
  3. Eye hole: When it comes to front or entrance doors, one door hardware that you will require is, of course, a key hole. These ensure that you can take a look from the inside who is standing outside the door before opening it. This is a very important safety measure that every entrance door of every house should have. If you have not yet installed an eye hole on your door then it is advisable to get it done as quickly as possible.
  4. Deadbolts: One of the very popular safety office door hardware is deadbolts. Doors generally have more than one safety feature and these are used to lock and open the door with the help of a key. Deadbolts are available in all price ranges, and if you are thinking of getting one then do make sure that you get a good quality since these start malfunctioning very quickly.
  5. Night latches: These are safety products mainly for entrance doors that allow you to operate the door only from the inside. These are very useful for security reasons and sometimes come with a lock and key system of deadbolt as well as an extra security measure.
So now that you know what the different types of door hardware you need for your home, do make sure that you get them installed at the earliest.

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