The Best Online Free Survey Tools For 2019

Online Survey Tools

Online survey tools are essential software used for target audience to get a feedback on either promotion, corporate governance and employee satisfaction, conduct sustainable market research and product essential standards thresholds. In this article, we shall discuss Prime Amigo online survey tools which is not limited to; soGosurvey, Survery Monkey, Typeform, Google forms, Client Hearbeat, Zoho Survey, Survey Gizmo, Survey Planet.


This is one of the best online marketing specialist survey tools which despite being available on free version for those who are not able to buy the licenses, has also a subdivision or rather classification of its licences bundles as; Plus, Pro and Premium which goes at $299, $480, $1188 respectively.

This survey tool has functionalities ranging from analytics to distributive with a simple user interface which makes it simple to handle and understand when conducting a survey. Other advantages that SoGoSurvey has is the unlimited survey questions that can be conducted with the survey, uniqueness that allows questions framing, more than 190 annual responses that it comes with and the ability to be able to export survey data into formats not limited to excel, pdf, word and even csv formats.

Survey Monkey.

With the Survey Monkey tool, this is by all standards the most widely used tool by corporate organizations to be to get feedback on employee satisfaction. A free version of the survey monkey tool comes with about ten questions, one hundred responses and fifteen questions types.

Other than that, survey monkey comes with well build graphical user templates which can be customized to meet the user requirements.

The commercial survey monkey comes with the following packages; the basic one which is freex, survey monkey selects which is billed at $26 monthly, survey monkey gold which is bundles annually at $300 and survey monkey platinum which is bundles at $780 also annually and this makes survey monkey one of the best online survey tools that ever existed.


Typeform is obviously one of the best online survey tools. Nonetheless, it was voted as one of the best that one the championship belts. Typeform makes entrance with stylish user interface which one can be able to embed even the organizations logo, motto or even mission statement. A non-licensed version of this survey tool comes with a number of advantages in its package which is not limited to; unlimited questions and answers, data exportation, customized themes and reporting tool capabilities.

For the commercialized version, goes for as low as $25 monthly you are able to get additional features like arithmetic capabilities of simple calculations, scoring capabilities and follow-up capabilities alongside the advantages that are tagged on the free version. This simply qualifies survey monkey to be one of the best online survey tools.

Google forms.

This forms another best online survey tool introduced by google, looks like the ninth wonder of the world as far as online survey tools are concerned. Apart from being listed as one of the best, it comes with free package and does not require any finances for licensing issues.

Google forms brings in within itself an array of functionalities which include the following; unlimited survey questions and responses, auto collection of data into google spread sheets, so many customized themes, ability to insert audio and video as either question or response, customized logo approach to fit your needs and ability to embed mails into the survey and skip logic capabilities. This without doubt can be everyone’s quick choice and thus making it one of the best.

Client Heartbeat.

This among the other online best survey tools, Client Heartbeat forms a self-class where there exists no free versions as all the versions are payable. The least paid license comes in at $25 monthly which is the basic package.

Other packages which include gold and platinum which comes $57 and $87 monthly licenses respectively.

The respective licenses comes with 50 contacts, 500 contacts and 100 contacts respectively plus all packages of all day and night user support, self-organizations branding, customer relation management systems integrations and unlimited annual survey. It’s also important to note that the basic license comes with only two annual surveys.

Zoho Survey.

Zoho survey is another best online survey tools which comes in three categories as; Free, Premium and Standard. The free version is absolutely free and with zero license costings. The other two, Standard and Premium comes in with $39 and $19 monthly fees. A free Zoho survey tool comes in with unlimited survey, maximum of fifteen questions per survey and maximum of one hundred and fifty responses per survey. The Premium version which is usually recommended for conducting big surveys comes with customs logic, customer relation management integration capabilities, multilingual surveys and email notification. The standard version also comes with almost similar one to the premium. However, the standard has at least 2000 responses monthly, unlimited survey questions and advanced reporting.

Survey Gizmo.

Being among the best online survey tools that currently exists, Survey Gizmo is one tool that has a free package as well as commercialized version. The free version of this particular tool has certain existing features which include; unlimited survey questions and a maximum of fifty responses, free template for customization, reporting tools and data export capabilities.

However, the survey gizmo comes with four categories of commercialized packages namely: Solo, Basic, Professional and Enterprise and are bundled in $15, $35, $75, $199 both on monthly basis.

The relative packages have users not less than 25 users both on all ends, email embedding capabilities, data encryption and customized themes. This and other functionalities makes Survey Gizmo one of the best online survey tools that one can be able to

Survey Planet.

This is another best online survey tool with robust functionalities which is not limited to; unlimited survey and questions, responses and themes and embedding capabilities.
It also has a commercial version which has a billing of $15 monthly which can be able to come alongside the printable survey questions and other functionalities including in-question images.

In conclusion therefore, while the business needs will be the best to have you choose on what nature of best online survey tool, I would recommend the above Survey tools but choose your own as per your needs.

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