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iOS Games
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These days, video games are not just for teenage boys anymore. With more and more people owning smartphones and tablets, it comes with the territory that a greater variety of games will be created to suit a wider age range than before. Many younger children are in possession of iPads and iPhones nowadays, and iOS games are a great way of keeping them entertained and educated, whether at home or on the road. It is important to keep in mind games that are age appropriate but also engaging, so read on to find out about some of the best new releases in iOS games for younger kids.

Puppy Dog Sitter

We all know a little boy or girl who wants to have a puppy but isn’t ready to take care of one yet. Puppy Dog Sitter is a great introduction into the world of taking care of an animal, but without all the actual responsibilities. In this colorful game, players can pick a puppy to take care of. He will need to be fed, played with, and cleaned up after, so kids can feed him a variety of foods, take him to fetch on the beach or at the park, and clean up after him when he makes a mess. As an added bonus, the puppy can even be dressed up and accessorized, so he might even be more fun than a real puppy!

Frog on Ice

This game is a little bit fast-paced and might be better suited for older children, but it sure is fun. Kids get to play as Plop the frog, whose world has been frozen over by an evil ice wizard. Plop has to slide around on the ice and defeat enemies so that he can turn his universe back into the warm tropical utopia it once was. Frog on Ice is colorful and engaging, so it’s sure to keep kids occupied as they try to beat every level.

Memory Matches

This game is essentially an electronic version of Concentration, the game where you place cards with matching photos face-down and turn over two at a time, hoping that you can remember their placement and match up future card pairs. This is a game that kids love, and it’s a great way to improve cognitive development as well. There are many themed cards, including animals and holidays, so it’s useful for teaching those symbols to kids in addition to being an engaging game.

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

This is less of a game and more of a great way for kids to make art. This drawing pad lets kids’ imaginations run wild as they use different brushes and vibrant colors to draw surprisingly intricate, symmetrical drawings. It is even easy for younger children to use, and they will love showing you everything they’re able to create with this app. One bonus with this game is that kids will also be able to turn their drawings into a movie of sorts with moving elements and a mode that shows a playback of how their drawings were created.

Tiny Dentist

Its true most kids probably don’t love visiting the dentist. But what if they could trade places with him and do the teeth pulling themselves? With Tiny Dentist, they can do just that. This game lets kids help beautify patients’ mouths and will teach them the value of oral hygiene as they take care of cavities, clean teeth, and apply braces. This game is surprisingly fun and educational, and the characters that need dental work will make kids laugh and keep them entertained.

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