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5 Unnecessary Spending’s to Cut

We’re already at the second quarter of 2017, how’s your financial situation holding up? Time to cut back on a lot of expenses in order to put more bucks to your savings, 401(k) fund, and…

Speedy Money

6 Ways to Get Out Of Debt This Year

We’re already at the second quarter of this year, how’s your debt repayment working out so far? You vowed to save more, spend less, and repay what you owe on new year’s, keep the discipline…


15 Penny-Saving Tips for Frugal Living

Saying you’re going to save money and avoid your overspending habit is easier said than done. If you’ve been accustomed to living a lavish lifestyle: frequent traveling, dining in restaurants, shells out big on movies…


8 Ways to Start Your Own Graphics Business

Signage and graphics are everywhere – it is all around us and we see them all the time. It is a constant reminder that a certain person, product or company exists. Signs and graphics are…