SAT: Last Minute Tips

You can find different types of aspirants for Sat. there are some students who start preparation an y ear ago, then most of the aspirants begin six months prior to the test and there are a few who keep only a gap of two or three months. But can you say who is right and who is wrong? Well, different students have their different adapting level and you cannot force anything on everybody.

You should join Sat coaching centres as per your ease. For example, if you think that six months would be enough for you to prepare for Sat, you can join a course that begins six months prior to your test. After all, you have to prepare and act as per your convenience and not as per what other aspirants are doing. For all types of aspirants, following are a few last minute tips that can turn out to be really prolific. Have a look below:

Weak points

It can be tempting to just study by taking a couple of practice tests, but it can only help your scores in a great manner. During the last times before the test, it would be the time   to drill down into your errors and analyse the causes why you made them.   Make sure that you understand the route to the right answer and why your answer option was incorrect.  Even if you do it for one of the sections of SAT, you would find significant perks.

Time is a priority

You don’t wish to be taken by surprise when you hear “time is over” on the SAT, and you haven’t really gotten to all the questions. Remember, there is no need to take a whole practice test. What you can do is you can take a few questions and experiment with approximating how much time you are spending on each. It would help you get a taste of how long 30 seconds or a minute feels like and this way you would know where you have to skip the question and where not.

Note that you must not be spending more than one minute on SAT Reading questions or more than thirty forty five seconds on SAT Writing questions. Talking about the Math section, it would be better if you spend no more than a minute on each question in both portions. You technically got more time per question on calculator part than on no calculator area, but it is certainly better to be safe than sorry. In case you loiter too much, you would not have the chance to answer easy questions later on in section.

Strategized Sleep

You must go to bed early and try to sleep at least seven hours the prior night the test.  Make sure that you plan to wake up an hour earlier than you usually thinkof; in case you would just roll out of bed, you might still be drowsy when the test starts.  You have to be completely alert during the test.

Thus, take sat private tuition Singapore and keep these last minute tips in mind. All the best, you can do it!

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