Leh – The Paradise on Earth

Royal Enfield in Leh

Leh – Ladakh is a peekinto what heaven may look like. Every travel addict’s dream destination. It has managed to instil wanderlust in the hearts of thousands, over the years. It finds itself on every adventure enthusiast’s list and in the hearts of everyone who has ever visited it. Its cold climate and the warm hearts of its inmates is the perfect combination that can only be experienced. If you find yourself lucky enough with an opportunity to visit this place, you must grab it with both your hands. Here is what you will be missing out on if you refuse to do so.

1. The serene beauty of the Pangong Tso Lake
This is the highest salt water lake that lies touching the borders of India and China. It usually takes a day to visit this lake. It makes for a wonderful time to camp on the shores of the lake, under the brightly lit sky. Up until a few years back, this lake was away from the shutterbugs, but off late, is has become every tourist’s favourite destination. The path leading to Pangong Tso lake from Leh, is pretty adventurous and is best covered during the day, before the noon sets.

2. Lamayuru village and Monastery
One of the most beautiful structures known to humankind, this monastery takes your breath away at the very first glance. The small village spread around it, hosts a lot of religious ceremonies and annual festivals. Marvellously blanketed by the rusty mountains, this structure has royal written all over it. It is situated at just 125 km from the centre of Leh. You can rent a Royal Enfield in Leh from Wheelstreet.comand head toward a historically significant and ancient monument of great importance in India.

3. The Royal Leh palace
Another architectural marvel, the Leh Palace sees ahundred of tourists visit it every year. It stands tall overlooking the Himalayan city of Leh, making way for a panoramic view of the city. This palace use dto host the royal family in here many years back. One special thing to know about this monument is that it housed both the royal family as well as the servant abode along with the cattle and stables.

4. The Magnetic Hills
Very popularly known as the gravity hills, this place holds a lot of mystic aura around it. This is because the place setting and the background is such that it gives the audience an illusion of cars and other vehicles floating in mid-air. You also get to listen to some mind-blowing stories from the local about the reason behind the mysterious behaviour of this hill.

5. Conquer the Khardung La
This is the world’s highest motorable road. It is every biker’s dream to ride on this road. You can add a dash of adventure to reinforce the thrill and adrenaline rush if you ride on this prestigious road on a superbike, rather than on any other bike. You can get a Superbike on rent and achieve your dream, and create memories that you can relive for a lifetime.

There are the variety of dishes worth tasting while in this region of the planet. Some mouth-watering thukpas, momos, chhupri(yak milk cheese), the typical Kashmiri Qahwa would make your tummy happy.
The roads are rocky and challenging, but a pleasure to ride on all the same. Most of all this entire journey is about outdoing yourself and exploring different places within you as outside. Enjoy the serenity of the places and feel at one with nature.

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