Key Challenges Faced by Managers in B2B Call Centers

Facing challenges are a vital part of any call center service. Almost every business faces ridges and grooves. B2B call centers are possible one of the toughest environments to work. The agents and managers invest everyday working hours in dealing and managing customers’ grievances and meeting their everyday goals. Having to deal with the frustrated caller, strict work schedules, penny-scratching management, and high expectation of the customers makes it even harder to work. Not everyone wants to enter into the field where you are forced to invest your eighteen to twenty hours answering calls and providing assistance.

Not only the agents even the life of a manager is not easy. Managers go through some new challenges every day to make the agents and organization perform better. Here are some of the major challenges faced by customers in an everyday working scenario:

Agent Recruitment:

Agent recruitments are one of the biggest challenges faced in any reputed B2B call center service. Recruitment of one wrong agent can ruin the business reputation as well as the customer client relationships within no time. Managers need to make a list of the question to be put up during the time of interview. Finding out a potential candidate among a bunch of candidates requires a detailed supervision over the interviewing applicants. A manager is not only in charge of creating a team of experts, rather making them skilled enough to deal with their everyday problems and produce the best out of the available resources.


Call center agent retention is a never-ending problem in a call center organization. Managers need to give a good reason for agents to increase their tenure of work. Finding skilled agents who produce the desired quality work can be a difficult task. There is no overnight solution for the attrition problem. Managers need to assure the agents to give them a healthy working atmosphere.

Increasing Customer Expectations:

With the reforming of the technologies, managing to meet the customer’s expectation has become even harder. Customers wish to receive immediate assistance to their problems, and failing to provide these services B2B call centers are facing high customer attrition rates. Customers tend to withdraw services and extend towards those organization which give them better services in low cost.

Magnifying bad experiences:

Customers who face bad experiences need a place to throw up their frustrations. Therefore, they opt a common social media platform to show their frustration. These frustrations can, in turn, be a nightmare for the company. One bad experience can magnify those reviews on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor etc. Any company will not appreciate destroying their reputation just because of one small mishappening. Therefore, managers should train their agents to overcome and cover their bad experiences.

Workforce optimization:

Agents should be trained enough to understand the requirements of the customers. These requirements should be accurately forecasted in front of the B2B call center organization in order to maintain a successful platform. Forecasting the number of agents that will be required to manage the overall customers and their level of satisfaction is a big headache for any manager. Each agent should be thoroughly observed and then assigned to each customer. This gives a better client-customer relationship and a sense of mutual understanding between them.

Accurate reporting:

Organizations contact call center agents to extract the required information about the customers. These agents generate leads which are then converted into sales leads. Therefore, these statistics and information should be precise and accurate. Wrong information can, in turn, lead to the loss of potential customers. Call center managers are responsible for collecting and passing on these information to the organizations. Several departments are linked together and they co-operate all together in extracting data sequentially. Managers, therefore, are in charge of sequentially managing these data and hand it to the respective departments.


Although it is impossible to overcome the challenges faced by managers of B2B call centers overnight. But facing these experiences and with consistent efforts, a manager can manage a set of skillful agents and their customers.

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