How You Can Utilize Water Preserved In Rain Water Tanks

Using rainwater for the purpose of harvesting is ancient and quite popular too. But, did you know that using the rain water at home can be beneficial for you too? There are various reasons for which you can use rain water instead of only depending on the underground water supply.

The more civilisations are proceeding towards making life easier, the more it is affecting various natural resources. Since eternity, everyone is depending on the underground water supply. So, it is obvious that the natural resources will get exhausted. Saving and preserving rain water and later on using it for various purposes can be a wise solution to this problem. It is an alternative natural source of water that can be used without any hassle for the requirements of households and firms.

So, when you are thinking of building a new home at Melbourne, and also thinking of ways to keep the water supply incessant, then it is obvious that you need to think of some alternative source too. So, installing rainwater tanks in Melbourne home can be a good idea. And there are many trusted dealers too who supplies such tanks that will be perfect for your purpose of storing, preserving and supplying.

Now, you must be wondering if you will be able to use this water for all household works or not. If it is true, then let me assure you that yes, you can. You can use the water without any worry for purposes like gardening, laundry or toilet use. To know how, take a look at the following points. I am sure they will be enough to convince you about the utility of the rainwater that you are going to preserve in the tank.

Garden Watering

It is needless to say that a beautiful home becomes truly beautiful if you can blend the artificiality with the right dose of natural beauty. That is why having a garden is a must. It gives your home a balance and can contribute to an extremely cheerful environment of the home. But, have you ever wondered that the water that you use for gardening can actually stretch the amount of your regular water usage to the hilt? If this fact is worrying you now, then here is a solution for you. How about using rain water for gardening? Saving rain water in the tank can help you during dry period, instead of using potable water. If the space issue is the reason for your worry then instead of one large tank, you can install two smaller tanks or even underground rainwater tanks in Melbourne. It will solve your issue with space, as well as a continuous source of water for gardening.

Toilet Flushing

If you ever count the use of water in your toilet, you will realise that with every flush you are actually using 12 litres of water. So, an average person can use almost 30 litres of water for the toilet every day. So, for this purpose, where you are not consuming the water at all, rainwater can be the best replacement of the underground water.

Installing automatic diversion directly from the main supply will be perfect to supply rainwater in your bathroom. A tickle top up valve will measure the water in the tank. And when the water will be drained, the normal water will come to fill the space.


Washing machines can use almost 150 litres of water for per load. As it is quite a large amount of water, you can surely cut it down with the use of rainwater. In general households, 5-6 loads are common. Since no direct consumption of the water is involved, you can surely use rainwater for washing regular clothes.

Well, now as you know about the various ways in which you can use the preserved rainwater; and for drinking, you can depend on the underground water supply without any worry. In fact, during the drier period of the year, you can use the preserved water too after proper filtration for more use. Install the tank today to enjoy the continuous water supply throughout the year.

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