How To Decide Between Buying An Apartment Or Villa In Dubai

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It is every one joy or goal to have a personal residential house. And now that you’ve worked hard and earned a lot that could get you your dream home, you are lost in the midst of deciding which you should buy between an apartment and a villa.

The two are okay as Dubai is flooded with both Villa and apartment. However, there are essential things that one must put into consideration which will help in choosing between Villa and apartment.
The factors to be discussed are general things everyone must consider as they seem to be the determinant of whatever you get.


The very first thing that determines what you will buy is the amount you are willing to pay. It isn’t news anymore that villa is more expensive on the market than an apartment. You must be willing to pay more to acquire any villa in Dubai, but with flats, you can quickly get that since they are not too expensive and affordable. Villa has some other expenses that make it costly such as maintenance fee and facilities bill. The decision is left for you to make but your budget is the first thing that will determine what you get.


When it comes to investing in luxury housing property in Dubai, you will find out that the first of many other things that determines your profit is the location. The same implies to getting your residential home. You need to consider some things when choosing where to get your dream homes such as your kid’s school, health center, your place of work, and some other facilities.

With all these in mind, it will be easier to make the right choice and yet, you still have to choose between villa or apartment. Initially, you are not likely to find a villa in the center of the city because they are built on the outskirt, and apartments flood the center of the town. But nowadays, you will find a villa in gated areas in the center of the city.

However, if you are the type that detests the noise and bustle of the city, the villa is the ideal option for you and the luxury property has lots in possession to offer, and you can check out a superb six-bed villa in emirates hills with lake views with some other apartments on the market.


It is very good that you consider your present situation as it will help you in deciding the type of home you should get. If you are single and not getting married yet, you can opt for a single apartment with one bedroom and live comfortable. But if you are getting married soon or you are expecting your kids, it is advisable that you get a spacious home. And for those with a higher number of household members, you should opt for a villa with lots of space or an apartment with ample rooms to accommodate everyone.


No one will ever get a home that will put his or life at risk, and that is why you need to consider the security aspect of buying any house. The truth is that most villas don’t have maximum security in place compared to apartments. Apartments have tight security to ensure inhabitants are safe and secure but that isn’t the case with villas. You will have to put in a security measure in villa yourself through the use of some security system, alarm, CCTV, mobile controlled security device and many more. You don’t have much to care for in the section of security if you are buying an apartment, but much has to be done with getting a Villa.


If you love to live a peaceful life without the bustle and hustle of the city, then a villa is the right choice for you. You live freely without any disturbance from anyone, but for those living in an apartment, you have lots of neighbors to relate with, and you don’t have much privacy to yourself.

Sale-ability and Return on investment

The last thing you should consider when choosing between an apartment and villa is the ROI and how easy it is to sell. The apartment is very easy to sell because of the affordable price but villas are very expensive, and it might take a more extended period before one gets a buyer. Apartment sells faster than a villa, and you should consider that when buying your dream home.

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