How The Right Motorcycle Boots Can Change Your Ride?

Have you ever seen a football player wearing Wellington boots for his big match? Well this isn’t a serious question, but surely it is an indirect way to put up a question and illustrate how important it is to wear right motorcycle boots for your bike ride.

Each one of us wears footwear in our daily life which is fit for purpose without giving much of a thought. However, it makes sense to wear footwear which is appropriate for any activity you are indulging in. Just like you can’t wear flip flops for joggings, you cannot wear casual shoes for long trail bike riding.

So, you must have got the huge leap of logic to know why you should wear boots when riding a bike. But why exactly

Just like a motorcycle protective suit protects your chest, shoulders, legs and knee, motorcycle boots are used to protect your feet. In the first stance, a bike boot is comfortable, and weatherproof. When you are riding a bike, your feet get highly exposed. And though you may have the greatest bike in the world, but if your feet are getting wet or cold and toes pinching and attracting dust and debris, then you may not be able to enjoy your ride quite a lot.

But, surely motorcycle boots aren’t just to keep rain off. Just like motorcycle jackets provide you with an all-round security from weather, rash accident, dust, dirt and serves as armor for your upper body, motorcycle boot does it for feet.

Think about when you stop. Put a foot or down for rest and eventually you don’t get the right grip on a gravelly road or dusty surface or wet trail. Wouldn’t you need supportive footwear that helps you get the right grip on any surface that you lay your foot on? Along with it, bikes are heavy, so you need footwear which offers complete support to your foot and ankles without putting a lot of pressure.

Now consider riding… While riding you want your boots to be tough to allow you to change gear with perfection without laying any extra stress on your feet and also to use rear brake without thinking about your foot slipping, if it is wet.

What motorcycle boots should you go for?

Your bike boots should be snug, comfy, tough, safe, sturdy and waterproof with a fix grip. The best question which pops up while selection of shoes is what kind of rider you are? Are you a motocross rider? Do you race on a race track? Are you a street commuter? Your selection of boots depends on the type of rider you are.

Lastly, you should consider the lace from where you should buy your boots. Do not go for second hand boots. Checkout the collection at and get the kind of shoes you desire. You can also purchase motorcycle aftermarket parts from the online portal. You have an enormous collection of different boots and accessories to shop from.

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