Fitting Ethnic Wall Designs in Modern Day Home Interiors

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Even though traditional designs gave way for modernity, an amalgam of both styles bridges the decades in a confined space. Some find artistic grandeur in ethnic interior designs, which can be coupled with a generous sprinkle of modern furnishings to bring out a sophisticated, yet, simple approach to one’s home interiors.

When considering an ethnic style, you need to understand the nuances and work on blending the colours and textures, and patiently connect them to the central point of your home. With ethnic interior designing, you can have all your tangibles brought together in an eclectic mix with an electrifying style.

When combining the traditional Indian ethnic designs to modern fittings, it is not necessary for you to blow full steam. Instead, you can focus on one major area, like wall designs, and couple it with the contemporary interior furnishings to produce a creative and tranquil space. Many leading interior design firms in Bangalore and in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai have tried this out and have successfully created fusion homes.

Ethnic Wall Designs

Indian culture has, through centuries carried forth a varied array of wall design. Right from the ancient texts and architectural evidence, we can see the prominence of wall art in Indian décor. From the ancient Madhubani wall art to Warli and murals, we have come a long way in ethnic designs, which are now being used to complement modern homes.

Buddha Patterns

The Buddhist concept of inner peace has a strong following in art these days. Following the trend, one can find decals that showcase positivity and peace. Buddha wall patterns and motifs are gaining huge popularity, and you can be sure of seeing one in most Indian homes. The urban architecture and interiors would go nicely with a sized Buddha decal. Combine it with a colour scheme, like Black decal on a white or ivory wall, and you have a space that emanates peace. For example, you can see many home interior designers in Bangalore with Buddhist concepts giving a tranquil atmosphere to the home interiors.


Here, it’s not the live ones, although we wouldn’t mind one strutting in our yards. The interiors, however, make do with geometric peacock patterns. They are stunning when coloured in bright tones and hues, and their uniformity on the wall provides a glorious work of art. When setting the interior in your home, swap a textured wall for a geometric peacock pattern and see the difference. Again, choosing the ambient colour scheme is important here. You can also create a silhouette or 3D effect by outlining the geometric art with shadows and light.

Indian Motifs

There is no dearth of culture in India, so make use of it. Use motifs from different parts of the country to speak about its culture. These can be related to anything – music, dance, festivals, geographical points etc. Life-size motifs like a Bharatanatyam dancer can make an excellent wall art in the living room, when properly positioned with the furniture. You can also choose from the different Rangoli designs or ethnic North-Eastern designs, which will have an exotic effect on your walls.

Paint a Story

What better way to adorn your walls than to tell a story. Use your walls to tell a story through a painting or decals or wall hangings. It can be the origin of a place, or a significant event that took place in history, or even a short retelling of an epic. With paintings and wall hangings, you can complement your interior’s modern furnishings with the traditional ambience of an Indian home.

When considering ethnic wall paintings, Madhubani is one of the oldest forms that have deep roots in Indian culture. It is said to have originated from the place named Madhubani in Bihar, and the painting is a classic used in many homes now.

Likewise, Warli paintings and similar artistic creations that grew from the mud huts of rural India, are now taking hold in contemporary styled interiors. Within a modern setting, having a terracotta or mud coloured painting accentuating an ethnic design can set your styles apart.

Wall Tapestries & Hangings

Rich colour and textures are what makes Indian traditional décor stand out from others. This richness can be found in ethnic tapestries and wall hangings that are heavily embroidered or designed in ancient Indian lore. Tapestries often depict Mughal heritage inspired from their Persian counterparts. These are a nice addition to your rooms, where the furniture dictates a modern mood, set in the ethnic background.

Design concepts are changing day by day. But traditional or ethnic will be all time favourite in every interior design concepts. The traditions or roots of any country have got a charm and fascination for anyone, and adding a touch of it in the interior space will be an ever green trend.

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