Factors to Consider Before Buying an SMPP Service


The SMPP protocol is used on a very wide scale in the field of enterprise communication. An SMPP provider generally receives requests for the development of integrated solutions where one single SMPP server can efficiently cater to both MT and MO traffic.

Technically, things seem to be very simple and clear, nevertheless, the main challenge faced by the engineers is when it comes to designing the database and the architecture handling. Several years of research carried out by the technical teams of SMPP service providers has helped them in developing solutions that can deal with both SMS MT and SMS MO traffic on one SMPP server. The main benefit of this solution is that consumers can receive SMS – MO and DRL traffic on the same receiver or transceiver bind.

Tips on Getting the Right SMPP SMS Panel

Majority of the SMPP providers have several years of skilled experience in providing SMPP service. They have a clear understanding of the fact that managing a certain software without any technical know-how can become challenging at times and especially in situations of error handling. Communications with consumers are fairly integrated and they tend to be highly successful at the same time by going for the services of an SMPP provider. if you are into the business of bulk SMS and at present, you are making use of an aggregator or rented panel then you must seriously consider owning your very own SMPP SMS server. However, there are a number of important factors that need to be taken into account prior to availing SMPP service and the factors are as follows:

Know Your Requirements

This is something very important and you must take it as the first step of the process of getting SMPP service. Make sure to have an idea of the SMS traffic for the last six months. It is also important for you to consider future traffic prior to getting to the final figures. Once you are done with the process of calculating your traffic volume, it is time for you to figure out the throughput SMS per Second or TPS. Based on your business perspective, you have the option of calculating the amount of time that you can actually afford to push around 1, 00, 000 SMS traffic. Take, for example, if you have to push approximately 1, 00, 000 messages within a time span of around 60 minutes then you will need a TPS between 25 and 30 SMS per second.

Here it is important to note that the design structure of almost any application changes depending on throughout requirement. It is always very important to understand that higher TPS will demand perfect infrastructure, holistic approach in design and good quality resources. A delay of even milliseconds at the network layer can bring down your TPS drastically.

Making the Choice of the Right Software and Hardware

Once you have decided your SMS volume and TPS, it is time for you to make the choice of the right kind of software and hardware. Here, it is important for you to understand that higher TPS will require faster IO operation and you will also need a hard dish with high RPM. It would be much better to choose an SSD drive. It might be a little expensive but an investment worth it. For any application that is data sensitive and the one where frequent database connections are opened for the management of QUEUE and for the upgradation of DLR and reporting, it becomes important for you to make the choice of the right type of database where it is easier to achieve faster writes.


One thing that is important to be noted in this context is that there are several cracked SMPP software programs floating across the market. These programs will never offer you the desired results. Also, these software programs might contain viruses that might come with hack-sensitive information from the server. Data security is quite essential for every business in this highly competitive world. therefore, you must never fall victim to the trap of an affordable SMPP service or software. Always keep in mind that comparisons need to be duly made in order to come up with the right service provider.


In almost any client-server structure, latency has an important role to play when it comes to accomplishing higher results. Prior to making the choice of an SMPP provider for your SMPP SMS software, it is important or you to ensure that you have checked the latency between the SMS gateway provider and the SMPP server provider. The closer you are the better results you will be able to achieve. Checking the SLA for uptime is also an important concern apart from latency. Check the upload speed of the provider as well. It is very important for you to choose the right provider for your business and your bulk SMS marketing campaign to run properly.

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