Essential tips for a Leh-Ladakh trip for the first-time travellers

A tourist is always prepared mentally for the unforeseen conditions which can be faced on the trip. The leh-ladakh trip can be risky if the essential guides and tips are not followed properly. Must take help of travel planner and check the right time too before planning for Leh, you can book your hotels with available Yatra Coupons today which will give good rates in all seasons. So in order to keep yourself protected you must follow these tips so that your trip can be remembered for years without even a slight problem.


The altitudes are different of Ladakh range from Kargil and that of Saser Kangri, which located at the Karakoram range. So it is quite clear that this piece of land is unusual. The summers and winters have different effects on this area and the people who have a trip to this part of the world. Winters can be very much unpredicted but the summers are preferably not so harsh. But as compared to the summers, the winters here are much more disturbing when not taken proper trip equipment. The temperature can drop to 30 degrees in this place which can be an alarming situation. As the air is thin here, the intensity of sun is much more here as compared to other places.

Permit and Passport

The people who are from abroad and an international tourist need to have a registration before visiting this place for security purposes. However the people who live in the boundaries of India do not need any permit neither a registration headache before enjoying this place. The registration process is completed at the Sarchu. The people who are travelling by air should completed their registration on the arrival at the airport. The people are informed about the restricted areas in the registration process.

Altitude Sickness

The Altitude Sickness can be one of the major problems which a tourist will face having a trip to the Leh Ladakh. This problem can be arising because of the movement to the places where the oxygen is relatively very low as compared to the other places.  The sickness like a sever headache, appetite, vomiting, increasing heart movement. The tip would be in such conditions to have rest for at least a day after the climb of about 1500 ft. The rest will boost your body organs and will let the flow of blood properly to all the stretched parts of the body. One must have a little sleep when feel such circumstances. You should take some concerned medicines and tablets in order to be prepared for such unforeseen conditions.

Hospitals and Clinics

One of the major hospitals in Ladakh is the SNM hospital. This hospital has all the equipment which are needed in the time of rapidness and emergencies. In other districts, people can find the hospitals situated at every districts. Army General Hospital can also help you in the time of need. There are numerous shops which are of chemist nature for the emergencies, so people can also visit them in times of need.

The Police Station

The police can be contacted through their numbers in each area. In any unusual condition you call can police station which is situated under the influence of Jammu and Kashmir police. There are also two other police stations nearby.

Food and the Stays

Most of the restaurants available here are for the families services. There are also some luxurious hotels which are located in this area. These hotels are Charu Palace and The Grand Dragon. You can have variety of meals in these hotels. The food ranges from the local desi meals to the modern foods. Must check some of best sites for safe hotel bookings, also you explore getting safe and good discounted rates with Goibibo Coupons.

ATM Facility

People are advised to keep the cash in their hands for the need of time to spent. No one knows where to spend them and you will need them to spend. The ATM which is located in this area is on the MANALI-LEH highway in manali. You will not encounter any other ATM machine further on the way.


The tourists visiting this place should have a certain number of woolen clothes and jackets. This area has uncertain weather fluctuations. In the summer simple shirts or t-shits will be okay for the trip. But one needs to have heavy clothing in the winters.

The Roads

The roads can be in very disastrous condition after the heavy snowfall in the winters. These roads are often blocked in the winters. One must be mentally alert for such conditions where the roads could be blocked or the landslide. Otherwise the roads are kept in a proper condition by the concerned BRO.

We would be glade if your trip goes tremendously well. We would also like you to take care of yourself in your trip. Best of luck!

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