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Where to Get Cheap Tours from Chennai

Chennai is a city which has a lot to offer to its people in terms of tourism. It is surrounded by some very picturesque locations and religious sites which make it a popular tourist destination….


Recruiting AI: How to Hack the Culture Fit

Would you believe your challenges in hiring candidates who stay and thrive stem from you not understanding artificial intelligence (AI)? The AI I’m talking about in this case is pre-employment assessments. While it’s likely you…

A few facets of Market Intelligence

Keeping track of one’s competition and the current state of the industry is an indispensable and fundamental aspect of operating any business. The present market scenario is so rapid and dynamic than any possible blindside…


Louise Blouin – #MeToo – OpEd

Since October 2017 and the start of the #Me Too movement, I have felt connected to the plight of women who have been harassed and sexually abused. This abuse, as evidenced in the actions of…

Machine Learning

7 Trends in Machine Learning in 2018

For centuries, we have seen that natural resources like land, gold, or oil have been the source of power in one civilisation after the other. But as we get close to completing the first two…


5 Tips To Make Your Dedicated Server More Secured

These days, most of the online users are resorting to additional layers of data security following a few unprecedented instances of identity theft and security hacks. Hacking attempts occur every day and websites of various…