A few FAQs about the Cloud Contact Center

The cloud contact centers in the year 2017 comprise a 5.43 billion USD industry, which is expected to grow to over 15 billion in the year 2021. Rapidly surfacing technologies, an evolving multichannel means of communication and not to mention the growing customer expectation can all take a toll on the call centers. All these reasons make it difficult for call centers to keep up with such dynamism while maintaining a strong customer relationship at the same time. Another major inconvenience for contact centers is to incessantly keep their IT infrastructure and network up & running. This problem magnifies manifold especially in those of the developing countries.

The best bet to control this is to migrate the call center to the cloud. Companies looking for call center services these days are showing an increase in interest towards the cloud-based contact centers. And in addition to this, moving the applications, data and the other business related elements to the cloud can prove to be a better option to enhance customer loyalty and experience.

Cloud contact centers can offer the proverbial ‘perfect solution’ for the smooth management of the call center traffic, low cost of operation and better flexibility along with on-demand scalability.

Jotted down below is a list of the important frequently asked questions(FAQ) that one should consider before migrating a call center to the cloud-

  • Is the cloud model capable to handle multiple customer interaction channels?

And the response to this would be a loud ‘yes’. The cloud resources are adequately optimized so as to effortlessly integrate the Omnichannel approach (text, email, voice social media etc.).

  • Can it adapt to changing needs of the business and the industry as a whole?

Yes, its agility allows it to efficiently scale up and down accordingly to suit and support the evolving needs of the enterprise.

  • How can I be sure of my cloud service provider’s reliability?

One should never avail services from vendors with reliability issues. Inquire if a service provider has the proper means to resolve contact center and cloud server issues in real time. Ask relevant questions in order to find a trustworthy and reliable partner.

  • Can the cloud resources connect remote agents with global consumers?

A cloud server facilitates centralized control that can help an enterprise to run a multi-contact center. It can connect agents from remote locations to their customers globally with ease.  It is a major plus point for companies looking for call center services.

  • How relevant is it to today’s customer demands?

The cloud computing platforms are of the state-of-the-art technology. And the most interesting part of a cloud server is that as the market evolves, one can adjoin and attach new channels of interaction with better practicalities and functionalities. And the incorporations of these add-on features are very easy and flexible to one’s need.

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