7 Things You Spend Too Much On And How To Avoid

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Like a good many of us, we’ve tried our best and put our best efforts when it comes to budgeting and getting a good grasp of our finances. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we envision it. Then you’re left asking yourself: “Where did all my money go?”

The answer is bad spending habits and financial decisions, among others. A good financial standing requires a great deal of discipline and responsibility. Little things such as cutting back on your daily morning run to your favorite coffee shop, conserving your utilities, and packing a brown bag to work all contributes a lot when accumulated to your finances.

Before you find yourself in a serious financial conundrum, here are the common things you unnecessarily spend too much on and need to stop.

Late Fees

Sure, you may have missed a payment or two and the late fee can be nothing to you but if you let it go on for long and accumulate, in the end, you’ll be losing more than you’d realize. The late payment on your credit cards is no joke as it can cost more or less than $30. Before you miss your dues, think about how much more it will hurt you financially and if you think you can afford to miss it this one time then by all means, do what you must.


Admit it: you’ve made a few runs this work week at your favorite coffee place. It’s a common habit and it can be a harmful one in terms of your finances, not to worry thought for this habit is easy to break.

Instead of running to your go-to coffee place every now and then for your morning coffee, take advantage of the free offering in your office pantry or bring your own instead (purchase your favorite instant coffee mix at a grocery). You could also invest in your own coffee maker at home and brew your coffee there to bring to work.

Bottled water

If you add it up, your bottled water purchase can cost you a lot in the long run. And we all know how important water is to keep ourselves hydrated. With that, we advise you to bring a tumbler with your at all times, fill it water before you leave home or use it when you’re in the office. Not only will you be saving a lot but you also get to save the environment.

Gym memberships

With your new year’s resolution to lose weight comes a new gym membership. Taking care of your health is a solid investment, however, not so much when the membership comes with a hefty price and when you seldom go there anyway.

If you think you’re (and your wallet) not yet ready to commit to a gym membership, consider jogging around the neighborhood or taking your workout routine in your own space where you can.

Purchasing branded products

Not that we want you to turn against branded products but we just want you to be more mindful of what is more practical and effective. Generic brand products can save you a lot of money while still give you the same quality as branded ones. To those who are into makeup especially, there are a lot of dupes on high-end brands, some of which perform better than the branded ones. Check the labels, do your research, and ask your pharmacist or sales staff for more information.

Subscription services

When was the last time you read a magazine or newspaper? Been so long you couldn’t remember? Then why haven’t you subscribed yet from your subscriptions?

If the luxury of subscribing to a number of monthly plans such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and the likes, is hurting your finances to the point that it puts a dent on your monthly budget, consider letting a few ones go. You can try and talk to your friends about sharing accounts, that should help you keep within your budget without completely letting go of, say, Netflix or Spotify.

Work lunches

Seriously, save your wallet and your health by cutting back on going out for lunches at work. Cook yourself your own food or do meal prep Sundays to save money and eat healthy foods you can bring to work.

About the author: Chie has spent time figuring out ways on saving money and stepping away from her go-to retail stores. She then became a writer for QuickCash Australia which offers hassle-free loans services.

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