6 Ways To Get Promoted At Work Fast

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How long have you been at your current job? If you think you’ve done exceptionally by far and there’s a good promotion opportunity in sight, perform better and show to your superiors how perfectly fit you are for the promotion. Of course, this means doing more than clocking in and out daily—the climb to the ladder means carrying more responsibilities and demonstrating how prepared you are for the next role.

With the position waiting to be filled, what can you do to be considered as a candidate for the role? Before you ask for the promotion, it’s only fair that you’re aware of your overall performance to make sure that you could qualify. You don’t want to receive a negative response when you ask for the promotion, do you?

Don’t just stand there and wait for the opportunity to knock. Keep your door open and anticipate it’s arrival. Here are the things you can do to increase your chances of getting promoted at work fast:

Do your job well

This is a no-brainer. Of course, you need to do great at your job to qualify as a candidate for the position. How good you do in your current position and how well you deliver your responsibilities will be two among the many factors your company or your superiors will consider. If they think you carry your job well, then you might be a strong candidate for the promotion.

Exude a positive attitude

Performing well under pressure and keeping a positive outlook whenever challenges come up shows what a great role model you are to your team and worker you are to the company. It’s easy to be optimistic on normal days but at times where setbacks come around, how you handle yourself, your team members and the situation at that moment will show your true potential.

Maintain a positive outlook and it will reflect on your co-workers, your project result, and your performance.

Steer clear of office politics and gossip

Are your trustworthy? Do you keep safe of your integrity? Do you participate in office gossip and politics? If your head turned sideways at the last question but nodded on the first two, then you’re safe and you’re doing great.

As much as possible, steer away from office gossip and politics as these can do no good for your career and your climb to the top. This is especially important for those eyeing a promotion. If it’s inevitable to hear office gossip here and there, just try not to participate.

Show how committed you are

Are you sure you’re ready to tackle more responsibilities and most probably longer hours in the office? Yes, you’re ambitious and you really want that promotion. But if your work performance and commitment say otherwise, a spot to qualify as a candidate can be far from reach.

You have to ask yourself repeatedly and show the company how committed you are and how ready you are to take and account for more responsibilities.

Take initiative

If you’re the type of employee who takes initiative and asks your boss if there’s anything more you can do to help them after finishing your own tasks, then that’s a good deed great for a career boost.

Make it known to your boss that you’re aiming for promotion

This is another no-brainer. If you’re itching to get promoted and you think you’re ready for it and you deserve it, let your boss know that you could qualify as a candidate. If you hear they’re looking for someone to fill in a higher position and you think you can take on that, let the management know passionately, humbly, and professionally that you want it.

You got any tips and advice on how to score work promotion? Share your thoughts with us!

About the author: Chie Suarez writes for the HR Dept UK. A professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business through any stage of its life cycle and workforce.

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