6 Ways To Calm Yourself Before A Job Interview

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Job interviews are almost always nerve-wracking, even the prepping process can be which is why it’s best to prep—prepare yourself well to at the very least, minimize any gaffes and keep your nerves at bay. Not only will preparing beforehand make you feel more sharp and less nervous but it can also help in putting your best foot forward, therefore, landing the job.

Practice to stay calm during the process and don’t let the jitters get ahold of you otherwise, it could all go south. The job interview gives you the chance to shine and prove that you’re the best candidate for the position, demonstrate that.

To help you in preparation of your big interview, here are a few strategies you can try a day or few minutes before the interview to keep your head straight and your focus on the goal.

Do your homework

There’s nothing more frustrating and self-loathing than not knowing the answer to the question: “What do you know about our company?” or any question related to the job your applied for.

Prevent yourself from making this embarrassing mistake. Do your homework; research ahead of time. Learn about the company, what it’s about, and the duties of the position you’re applying for. Do also research how to get to the interview address and leave an ample time of allowance for your travel time.

Do a dress rehearsal

May it be mentally or with a friend to help you with, a dress rehearsal is a good idea to prepare yourself from the possible series of questions you can get asked with. Envision yourself as calm and confident, this should help you embody these traits on the actual interview.

Watch or listen to something that will uplift your mood

One of the best ways to lift up your mood and suppress all the negativity and nervousness you will feel a few minutes before the interview is to listen or watch funny podcasts or videos beforehand, maybe during your ride to the company. This should help put you in a better mood; the better mood you have the more calm and confident you’ll feel.

Trust that you’ll do fine

Above all else, just believe in yourself that you’ll perform well in the job interview. Be careful with over preparation for it may make your responses seem too scripted and unnatural.

You ought to know the workarounds in the company and the job description, however, bear in mind that the interview process will flow on its own and it’s out of your control. Just trust in what you know and yourself and go with the flow.

Eat before you go

We advise you not to take your morning coffee on the day of the interview for the reason that it may increase your heart rate, breathing rate, and nervousness. Instead of caffeine, reach out for healthy foods or snacks such as oatmeal and almonds that are great for reducing your anxiety and calming you down.

Just be your best self

Yes, fake it ‘til you make it works to boost your confidence. However, it’s also important to not lose your own identity in the process of the interview. Let your own personality shine through. This will show your authenticity. Your own personality is what makes you standout from all the candidates. Don’t suppress it, show it.

Do you have more pre-job interview calming tips to share? Comment your tips and experiences down below!

About the author: Chie writes for the HR Dept UK. A professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business through any stage of its life cycle and workforce.

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