6 Tips on Staying Alert For Night Shift Workers

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While most people lay on their beds and sleep peacefully in the evening, night shift workers are only warming up to start their day (probably stirring their coffees) and get their tasks done.

These people are the call center employees, medical workers, security personnel, bartenders and many others. As the sun goes down, these people are preparing to come to work and spend their nights burning the midnight oil.

To help all the late night workers keep up with their mental and physical health, here are tips to survive your late night work hours:

Feed your body. As to how important breakfast is to regular shift workers, is of the same importance a good and healthy meal can do for your body before you work. As much as possible, avoid sweets and fast food. Though it can give you a quick kick of energy, it will make you feel flat as the effects wear off. Also, your metabolism performs slower than usual due to the late hours work.

Condition yourself. Set the mood by surrounding yourself with bright lights and lively colors to keep you awake. If it helps you, listen to upbeat music on your way to work or at work to get yourself pumped. Avoid listening to sleepy tunes and staring at blank walls which triggers sleep.

Stretch. Sometimes, a quick and well-done stretch and light exercises does the job. Just like when you listen to an upbeat track, stretching and light exercises pump blood to your body and preps your mind which you will be needing to get your tasks accomplished.

Grab a cup of coffee. Caffeine is what late night workers’ body craves for as much as regular workers do. It is your best friend that keeps you alert during hard times. Drink your coffee within the first two hours of your work hours and avoid it whenever your shift is about to end — the effect kicks in and lasts for up to 6 hours.

Take a healthy snack. During your small breaks, indulge in small, healthy snacks such as fruits or homemade sandwiches that are high in protein and fiber. Not only will you be able to save a few cash but it’s also a great and healthy choice for you. No to junk food and sodas. Your body will thank you afterwards.

Take a power nap. When you’re feeling a bit off, your body crashing down and when your eyes just want to close shut, don’t be shy to take a 10-20 minutes quick nap. This will enable you to restore your alertness level and regain lost energy.

Your late night shift will take a lot getting used to and the adjustment will probably last for a long period of time. However, with continuous practice and discipline all while taking good care of your physical and mental health will make the experience manageable. Who knows you might eventually like being a night owl.

To avoid getting sleepy at work, set yourself a regular sleeping time. Good luck on taking the night shift challenge and improve your productivity by following these tips!

About the author: Chie writes for the HR Dept UK. A professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business through any stage of its life cycle and workforce.

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