6 Psychological Hacks To Help You Ace Your Next Interview

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In a highly competitive job market, leaving a lasting good first impression and standing out from the rest of the job-seeking crowd can be a tough challenge; especially when you fail to showcase your best at job interviews.

A job interview is the make or break point of the whole hiring process. Your cover letter may stir up their interest in you while your CV may pass their standards and qualifications, however, face-to-face job interview is the tipping point on whether or not you’re the best candidate to fill the position

If you’re not a people person, you might want to take up a notch your strategies to remain calm and keep your composure when being interviewed.

Give a firm handshake. This gesture tells so much out of a small gesture. If your hand is limpy, cold and sweaty, then it might be perceived as a weak handshake and shows just how nervous you are and how much you lack confidence. If you give them a warm and firm—not too strong as if it’s a bone-crushing moment, then you might be perceived as confident and it’s a good start for you if so. A handshake is your first checkpoint so be sure to express your confidence in a small action.

Act confident even when you’re not. We won’t and can’t convince you that interviews aren’t intimidating and nerve-wracking because it is. It either brings out the best in us or not up to par. You, being physically there yet your mind wishes to be elsewhere will show.

Your presence—the way you communicate, your stance, enthusiasm, and attention, can outweigh the subject matter itself—the interview. Expressing your confidence in any way possible boosts your chance of getting hired so strike your “power pose” and don’t forget that firm handshake.

Eye contact. Look at the interviewer in the eye. This does not imply you have to look at them the entire time you are being interviewed but only during moments necessary suchlike when they’re throwing questions waiting to be answered.

It’s a common courtesy that whenever someone talks to you, you let your eyes meet. Failure to make eye contact may mean nervousness and low self-esteem. Lack of confidence can’t be blamed for you can avoid it and surely, you can do better.

Utter subtle flattery words and/or compliments. Have you ever been complimented by a salesperson to the point wherein they convinced you to buy their product? If flattery and words of compliments work in the sales industry, why not try it in the meeting room?

Subtly illustrate this on the questions asked or find something that could be the foundation to form a bond between the two of you. Ask them: “How did the company help you grow both personally and career-wise successfully?” The word “successfully” is a subtle expression of flattery to them.

Practice mirroring. Also dubbed as mimicry, this technique pertains to matching one’s own body language, gestures, expressions, vocal pitch and tone and alike.

Do you want to be likable? Mirror your interviewer’s actions. Pay close attention to their body language and other nonverbal forms of communication subtly. Being too obvious i.e. arching your back whenever they do it or making hand gestures after them will certainly lower your chances.

Observe active listening. To put it simply, pay attention, keep your ears open and eyes locked with theirs. When asked a question, repeat it back just to confirm that you understood them completely but use your own words in your statement — your own understanding.

HR Dept UK. ! You should, like, stop doing, umm, what, err, you’re doing right now and, like, work on your, uhh, communication skills. And, like, expand your vocabulary. Or whatever.

Seriously? If “like, umm, err, uhh, etc.” are your only vocabulary, then you should probably go back to school or take a break to practice your communication skills. Using fillers such as the previously mentioned and overusing them only goes to show your lack of professionalism.

There’s really no perfect formula that will 100% guaranteed to get you the job but there are ways you can hack the interview. Got any more tips and tricks up your sleeve? Don’t hesitate to share it with us!

About the author: Chie writes for the HR Dept UK. A professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business through any stage of its life cycle and workforce.

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