5 Iphone Photo-Editing Apps To Try


In this day and age, we are no strangers to using our smartphones in capturing each and every moment we think should be captured in pictures; even if it isn’t that memorable, it’s as if our reflex to take photos of everything–what we eat, where we are, street signs, pets, our morning coffee, and the works.

On that note, it’s almost essential to install a number of photography apps on your iPhone. A quick search on the App Store leads you to an overwhelming number of photography apps which raises the question: which ones and how many do you need?

If you’re still unsure of what apps are worth the space on your iPhone, we have listed here the best photo editing apps we think should be on every iPhone photography enthusiast’s home screen.

VSCO (free)

One of the most popular photo-editing apps iPhone and Android users alike can take advantage of and download for free, VSCO (pronounced “Visco”), offers a variety of preset filters and editing tools that users can work around with without difficulty.

VSCO allows its users to make subtle enhancements on photos they can tune to make it appear film-like or however they prefer. Users can tweak the color, brightness, contrast, level of the filer, and the likes. It’s certainly easy to use and great for the casual iPhone photographer.

Snapseed (free)

If you’re looking for a more powerful photo-editing app to enhance your landscapes, Snapseed is one to add to your home screen. Like VSCO, it’s a no-fuss photo-editing app that even those who aren’t familiar with photography terms and tools can easily learn it by just spending a few hours on the app.

Snapseed features basic editing tools, a fine selection of filters, and other photo processing effects. From basic photo editing to more advanced and creative techniques, casual and professional photographers alike will enjoy this app.

SKRWT ($1.99 on the App Store)

Have you ever wondered why sometimes when you take a photo it appears somewhat stretched? It’s because of the phone’s wide-angle lense which is a common issue that reflects mostly on your architectural and horizon shots.

Although Snapseed and other photo-editing apps offer the same service, SKRWT focuses on the fast and easy fixing of distorted, unstraight and stretched photos. Arguably, this is the best option if you often come across this distorted photo issue.

TouchRetouch ($1.99 on the App Store)

Do you have nice photos that seem slightly ruined because of unwanted things on the way? Quick solution: remove it. May it be photobombers, street signs or sun spots, removing it is easy and quick big thanks to TouchRetouch.

Sure there are other apps that provide this tool but they are arguably all outperformed by TouchRetouch. With this app, you’ll just have to use your finger to “paint” the areas you wish to remove. With its cloning and healing tools, you can remove distracting elements manually.

Enlight ($3.99 on the App Store)

If you’re on the market searching for something a little more advanced and where you can really tinker with your creativity, Enlight will fill in that satisfaction.

Similar with other photo-editing apps, Enlight is a one-stop editing app that does almost everything, however, it’s most-selling service is the Mixer and Mask tools that enable you to combine two photos together and produce an enchanting double-exposure photo. You have the utmost creative control and a wide range of tools to play with in Enlight.

Don’t fill your iPhone storage with 50 photo-editing apps when you only need a few and of course, a knack and love for photography no matter how mundane it is.

About the author: When she couldn’t be found eating pizza or indulging on sweets, Chie writes for Zapals — a global shopping site that sells anything and everything you need under the sun—from home appliances to smartphones.

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