5 Incredible Action Cameras to Pack for Your Next Trip

Image source: sjcamhd.com
Image source: sjcamhd.com

What’s your go-to camera when traveling? A lot of people these days bring along their action cameras with to capture their POV (point of view) and share what they see and how they see it with family and friends.

Whether you’re going surfing or strolling by the beach, a compact and good-quality action camera in hand will certainly help you remember your vacation as you see it. It’s easy to carry, simple to operate. and can be easily attached to objects which you can take advantage of when surfing, trekking, biking, and the likes. It’s the perfect camera for outdoor activities and adventures!

Without sacrificing quality over price, here are the best action cameras in the market that are fit for your anyone’s budget:

GoPro Hero5 Black

This list wouldn’t be complete without a GoPro camera, as they largely contributed to making the sports gear as popular as it is now. Basically, they’re the ones who stepped up the game.

GoPro Hero5 Black is simply the best camera to pick up at this moment, if your budget permits. A big upgrade from its predecessors, the Hero5 has a 2-inch touch display, GPS, and voice control—one of the most feature-packed action cameras at this moment. Video recording is even made smoother with its advanced video stabilization feature. So if you’re looking for a high-end and sure-quality action camera, GoPro Hero5 Black is the perfect choice.

SJCAM SJ5000 Series

The SJ5000 series has three models. One of which is a standard non-WiFi version that boasts a 14MP camera (better that the 4000’s 12MP). The two others are the WiFi and the SJ5000+ models.

With the rise of budget action cameras and its growing market, the SJ5000 series packs great features that other budget cameras don’t offer. Some of these are 120fps at 720p resolution which is a good deal considering the price; it also sports a rear touchscreen that is crisps and perfect for reviewing captured footage and composing your ideal shot.

Nikon KeyMission 80

Nikon has released their own slate of action cameras, and of their best is the KeyMission 80. It has a 12.3MP camera and a 1080p video, and more importantly, it has a 5MP selfie camera (no more worrying whether your whole face is cropped from the screen or not!)

More to that, the KeyMission ups it game by being waterproof, freezeproof, and shockproof—the solid choice for adventurous people who are looking for action cameras other than GoPro. Like other cameras, the KeyMission is wearable and can be clipped to your backpack, shirt, belt, or any strap.

Polaroid Cube

Who knew Polaroid has a compact and light action camera? The Cube has only one button located on top and is very simple to operate that even a toddler can use it. With it’s size, it’s boasts a surprisingly good quality for videos and 6MP images.

If you’re on the lookout for a cute, compact action camera you can bring with at the beach for snorkeling, the Cube is a great budget alternative camera.

GoPro Hero4 Session

GoPro offers a range of good cameras, another one that deserves on this list is its smaller and lighter product called the Hero4 Session. It’s shaped like a cube much like Polaroid’s cube. And like other of GoPro’s cameras, it’s wearable and mountable, even more so than their other flagships.

The Hero4 Session is the brand’s most compact and convenient camera yet, but it doesn’t sacrifice any cool features as it dons a 1080p resolution video and 8MP still images. It’s also waterproof which is perfect for canyoneering and surfing. Another feature it has that’s similar to the Cube is the easy one-button control. If you want a GoPro that’s 50% lighter, this is a solid and easy choice.

What action cameras have you tried? Any other action cameras you think deserve to be on the list? Comment below and let us know!

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