4 Excellent Tips to Enhance First Call Resolution

Almost every outsourcing company is using First Call Resolution methodology to gain customer relationships and their loyalty. It has now become an important call centric approach to generate leads, provide solutions to the customers on the very first call that they make. As every call center is using this methodology, there needs to be some uniqueness that your company acquires. Therefore, in order to gain productivity and reputation of your outsourcing company that deals with inbound calls, you need to take crucial steps to make your work more effective, convenient and best compared to other solution providers. This can not only help you are to save your time but also you’ll save your resources by adopting FCR and enhancing it to a next level. Besides the adoption of FCR and the benefits it provides to different businesses, there are still a lot of customers that complain about the agents who fail to answer their queries or aren’t able to provide the perfect solution. Therefore, it’s advisable to incorporate certain things in your FCR to make it efficient enough to satisfy the customer needs. In this post, we list four excellent tips following which you can enhance the First Call Resolution. Take a look.

1. Transfer the Call to the Right Skill

One of the best ways to enhance the FCR and the productivity of your company, all you need to do is to learn the technique to transfer the customer call to the right talent. For this, the individual or the entire team must be knowledgeable about the different teams and their appropriate skills so that they are able to transfer the call without any second thought and in less time consumption. Another way is to make use of advanced tools for call routings such as automatic call distribution, IVR engines, and skill-based routing tools. This will effectively help your business to reach the goals by putting your client’s queries in right hands.

2. Provide Appropriate Information to Agents

One of the major reasons due to which the reputed BPO outsourcing agents are unable to resolve customers’ queries during first call resolution is the inability to quickly access the information of client’s account. It usually happens when the information systems are disjointed and departments lack coordination. Therefore, the outsourcing companies should make use of a database that can immediately fetch the client’s information on the agent’s screen, thereby eliminating the problems at once.

3. Train Agents

BPO outsourcing companies who focus more on training their employees despite the fact that training is expensive performs better than the other competitors. All you need to do is ask the managers of every department to listen to their call recordings, prepare notes and highlight the areas where they think their team needs to focus on and arrange training for the same. This way, one can improve the FCR and satisfy the customers by giving them the best solution during their first call.

4. Adopt the Ongoing Trend

Another useful way to improve the FCR approach in your company is by adopting new trends in the outsourcing industry. Whether it is technology, functions or any defined skills that you think if incorporated will benefit your company, try it. Using the advanced reporting systems, users can filter the data and can categorize those customers whose queries cannot be resolved in one call and needs another set of calls.

Wrapping Up

Before adopting such trends you need to make sure you have enough compliance and employee buffer so that your work doesn’t lag behind. Make sure you guide your employees on every interaction they do with the potential customers and help them in providing better and reliable solutions.

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